Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Product Installed


#DIY Drop Zone Product Installed | gomominc.com

Today we are sharing video #4 in our entryway drop zone project.  Its been all DIY thanks to the wonderful folks at EasyClosets.com and we’ve been able to completely transform what used to be a non function coat closet into a fabulous drop zone. Our product arrived in a series of numbered boxes telling us which one to open first.

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed

Once opened we found incredibly easy to follow directions that made it very clear how to assemble and install each and every piece. Check it out!

You can see that I’m sitting on the bench which I absolutely love. It has wonderful depth for us to slide anything we need to there to grab and go. I don’t think I’ll put baskets in for that exact reason.  Building the bench involved a series of steps working from the bottom piece and working our way up.

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed

I’d admit that we got it fully assembled and then realized we left off the kick plate in the front that gives the bench that finished furniture touch so we had to go back a few steps to put that on.  The error was ours  ~not the directions ~ we’ll leave it at that!

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed | gomominc.com

There are beautiful shelves up top that will enable us to store a variety of items too. The shelves were actually assembled in parts, not as one single unit like the bench below.

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed | gomominc.com


Once we got the core pieces hung on the wall we could add the shelves to finish the process.  You can see that the 2nd set of shelves is obstructed by the opening to the space.  Those shelves will be labeled without a doubt to make sure everyone knows what can and can’t’ go there.  Because of the location and the accessibility, I’m sure I’ll choose items to place there that are rarely needed but appropriately stored in this particular location.  I’ll let you know when I figure out exactly what those are.

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed | gomominc.com

This takes us to the final stage which involves making decorating decisions. Because it is a drop zone, we don’t wan’t it to be overly cluttered so we are moving all but the use now coats to another closet on the main floor. Now decisions have to be made about the hooks we’ll use on the sides, any decor on the back wall, a fabulous cushion, baskets for just the lower shelves to give a bit of decor, and then lighting. As I’ve mentioned previously, this space is too dark and we don’t want that. We are aiming for an entryway experience that is light and bright as well as super organized.

#DIY Drop Zone EasyClosets.com Product Installed | gomominc.com

So I’m off to find those accessories and we’ll share the final result in my Fix It Friday post this week. You are going to love the outcome and I promise you this truly can be done in a weekend without a doubt! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  Special thanks to EasyClosets.com for providing product for our Funky Spaces series.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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