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Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work

Funky Spaces Entryway Drop Zone #DIY Finishing Work |

Welcome to the third video in our DIY entryway drop zone project series with We’ve gotten so much done and had a few eye opening decisions to make once we got done with demolition ~ check it out:

Our first step was to take out the shoe molding ~ and then we realized we really needed to take out the baseboard as well.The reason we did this is it made it easier to install the bead board on the walls by not having to navigate the base board. And….when we measured the width of the space for the bench, we didn’t take into account the baseboard and therefore the unit was wider than the space would accommodate with the baseboards in place. Removing them was a no brainer and made installation a breeze.

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work |

We choose this decorative accent to really make the space pop and I LOVE it! It goes all the way up from the floor to the 8 foot mark which is where the top edge of the shelving goes. I love how the bead board gives the space such a stylish, polished look. But don’t be fooled ~ while the side panels were a breeze to install the back panel was a bear to even get inside the space because the back wall measurement is  wider than the opening of the door frame.  We literally had to bend it while my husband was behind the board pulling it from the inside while I was lifting up from the outside. No injuries or broken board but good gravy it was tricky!

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work |

We choose a semi-gloss bright white paint for the space. Because it was initially designed as a closet it naturally casts shadows that you can clearly see. Now that it is an extension of the entryway, we want it to be light and bright so we’ll need to consider what kind of light options we might have available to us.

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work |

I super pleased with how the wood fill sanded out. Yes we still have a door frame but this totally works for me. I know one choice you have when working with doorways is to replace the frame with a smoothed out finish. But we are working to minimize our steps to as few as possible between the start and finish of this project and make it easy and convenient and done.

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Finishing Work |

Come back for the next video where you’ll see the installed product and we’ll talk about the decorative accessories I’ll need to finish things up ~ that’s my favorite part! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure: Special thanks to for providing product for this #DIY project series. All organized opinions are entirely my own.

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