Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Demolition

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone | gomominc.com

Today is our demolition day for our entryway to drop zone project with EasyClosets.com. I’ve emptied out the space of all it had stored but there are a couple of things that have to happen with this space before we can put in the system. And knowing what you need to do is a very important part of any project process you may have.  You have to really step back and ask yourself “What has to happen before I get to my final destination?” In our case, the final destination is installing a fabulous drop zone with EasyClosets product. Check out our pre installation to-do list!

First we need to remove the doors  ~ they are the root source of why this space doesn’t work well at all.

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone | gomominc.com

Once we remove the doors we’ll have to fill in the hinges ~ 6 of them and the locks up top ~ with wood fill and then sand them down to be ready to paint.  Inside the closet we’ve got to remove the wood shelves and the support boards too.

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone | gomominc.com

It sounds fabulous ~ and it is ~ but I will have to tidy things up a bit before we can proceed.  So be sure to come by for our next video will show you exactly how those touch ups turned out.  Thanks so much for stopping by for our first installment of Funky Spaces ~ #DIY Entryway Drop Zone ~ see you next time!


Disclosure: Special thanks to EasyClosets.com for providing product for this #DIY project series.  All organized opinions are entirely my own.

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