Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com

I am over the moon to finally share our completed entryway drop zone with you! After 4 weeks of searching of for the perfect hooks, we could not be more pleased with this wonderful transformation of our garage entryway closet to perfect entryway drop zone. Thanks to the support of EasyClosets.com and their amazing design tool and design time, we were able to create a space that meets our needs in all the right ways and we are loving the positive impact this space has on our very busy, oh so crazy days. Check it out!

The first decision we made was about the seat cushions for the bench. I wanted something super durable for all the wear and tear this space is sure to get so I chose 3 square cushions made for patio furniture and they fit perfectly in this nook.

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com

I couldn’t help but add some additional cushions to give a little style to this practical space. Because burlap is so big right now and matches well with the white and black accents these two pillow just seemed to beg to come home.  A nice welcome and an always classic monogram for the win!

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com


Next we decided on baskets to fit under the bench. I chose just two rectangular shaped baskets that would slide out easily to capture shoes, mittens and gloves, and backpacks. While the hooks could handle them, its not the look I was going for while considering functionality so I’m really pleased with the outcome.

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com


The hooks aren’t the ones that come with the system. While the acrylic and silver hook plates would be beautiful, I had it a look in my mind that I was going for to compliment the breadboard and these were it! The last five in the home improvement store, found just tossed on the bottom shelf not even where they belong, these wrought iron hooks are larger and simply beautiful to me. Evenly spaced there is plenty of room for everyone’s coats no matter the season.

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com

The plaque with words is my nod towards making this feel decorated like a typical foyer or entryway might be. I found it at a locally owned home decor store and was thrilled to see that it was literally the exact measurements with the right color and effect I was hoping for. Total score there! And we added baskets to the shelves above to hold things like flashlights and umbrellas. Because its not as easy to access that space behind the front facing wall above, those shelves need to capture items that can simply slide in and out without too much depth. Great storage for many of the things we need all year long.

You might notice there is a bit of bright light cast over the space. Because we want this to always be welcoming, we added two simple battery operated night lights that we can leave on to light the space when we come home late at night or just have lit when we have company in the house. While I’d love a light added to the ceiling of this space, an electrical renovation wasn’t in the cards this time.

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com

We can’t thank EasyClosets.com enough for their support of this project by providing not only the product but most importantly the inspiration with their fabulous design tool and the guidance of their clever designers. If you have a funky space that isn’t working well in your home ~ we are talking NINE YEARS PEOPLE! ~ I encourage you to hop on the site and take a look around. You’ll be amazed at all the options you’ll find.

#DIY Drop Zone Decor and Accents | gomominc.com

If you are looking for decor and accent inspiration, check out our Entryway Organizing Tips Pinterest Board for some of my favorite finds.  And if you want to see this project from start to finish, follow the links here.

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Totally doable in a weekend, the most important consideration you have to make before you start is what kind of space prep you’ll need to complete before you actually open the boxes and put in the solution you’ve always dreamed of.  I’m telling you ~ its the best! Look for our next Funky Spaces Transformation next week ~ think about that hall closet that you need to get organized just in time for those holiday guests.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  special thanks to EasyClosets.com for providing product for this project.  All organized thoughts are entirely my own.

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