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Fun Family Activities for Christmas Break ~ YMCA

Christmas Break finds my family well rested and relaxed thanks to a week of sleeping in and no schedule other than the one we choose. First shared a few years ago this series is true blue ~ if you are looking for fun family activities you CAN find them right at home, making that week between Christmas and New Year’s a blast. For 2012, Day 4 will include a trip to Barnes and Noble to choose a new book or two worthy of the purchase for the New Year. Because we so often choose the library, this is truly a treat we all enjoy. Getting ready for two special events tomorrow, we’ll throw in a few errands while we are out and end the day with dinner on the grill and playing games. I love the freedom Christmas Break brings!

When is the last time you made the most of all the fun family activities your local YMCA or Community Center might offer?  I must confess while I use the YMCA for my own needs and we enjoy the outdoor pool in the summer, we rarely visit the facility with the entire family in mind.  Christmas Break is the perfect time to visit this untapped resource. You are likely to find open gym for all ages, a wonderful game room, and even special family ours where its fully expected parents will play.  If your children only visit the gym to spend time in the daycare while you workout, this will be a delightful surprise they will enjoy and sets a great precedent for the New Year ahead.  Family time that is physical too just does your family good.  Tell me…

When is the last time you visited your gym or rec center for family fun time?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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