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Fun Family Activities for Christmas Break ~ The Park

Happy Holidays! We hope Christmas Break finds you spending some much needed down time together with family and friends and enjoying the last few days of 2012. I first shared this series a few years ago and its as true then as it is today ~ you CAN find fun family activities in your hometown to make that week between Christmas and New Year’s full of memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. For 2012, Day 1 is all about rain. Much to our delight, we all slept in, are hanging out in our jammies, and have an afternoon of board games in our future which we rarely have time for and can’t wait to enjoy. Thanks to an unexpected gift from Disney Interactive, we’ll be starting with Where’s my Water?

This week is Christmas Break and each year we alway look for fun family activities we might not always have the chance to do. I don’t know about you but we sometimes get stressed about what to do with our kids. One of my favorite tips is to plan ahead for winter break with all the fun and free activities that you can find in your local area that will keep you busy and not at each other’s throats. This year we had a last minute trip that failed so we needed to come up with a plan B and we focused on how many different parks, activities, and museums we could take in this week that would be free. Its a very simple strategy:

1. Check the Weather: Today the weather is perfect to be outside all day long so I found a park where all 3 of my kids would be happy. We have a playground, tennis court, baseball field, basketball court and trails so no one can claim there’s nothing to do!

2. Consult your local Convention & Visitor’s Bureau: CVBs have fantastic listings of all your city has to offer. You will also discover any special events you can only do on certain days and that will impact your choices.

3. Be Flexible: Having a great list of ideas in your back pocket is just smart mothering but being flexible is how you make sure everyone truly has fun!

I want to encourage you to take charge of Christmas Break and find fun family activities in your area that are free and easy to do. Family can be like fish, after 3 days it might not be so good! SO I hope you have fun, be creative and keep it simple, and remember some times the best medicine for being stir crazy can definitely be that physical activity. Tell me…

What is your activity plan for Christmas Break?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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