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Fun Family Activities for Christmas Break ~ Gift Cards

Happy Holidays! First shared a few years ago this series is true blue ~ you CAN find fun family activities in your hometown to make that week between Christmas and New Year’s full of fun. For 2012, Day 2 is all about sun. An outdoor bunch, we tend to let the weather be our compass so we’ll be visiting a favorite park with bikes and our dog for a family walk. Later in the day it will be time to make the most of those gift cards for our teens ~ a perfect example of how the give and take works to keep us all content  ~ and that is a blessing beyond words!

Finding fun family activities that everyone will enjoy can be a real challenge for a family like mine with an age spread among our children. One Christmas break tradition we all seem to love is using our gift cards. We are mixing it up by spending time with our children separately to maximize our outing and take in a new historical site before we hit the mall to use their gift cards.
Today we are visiting the State Capital building and beleive it or not, at this point neither of our older children have had the chance to visit it.  Historical sites are an obvious free and fun local thing to do so if you’ve seen most of the museums in your town, its time look to find a new and undiscovered destination. Realizing your visit might be short, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your time together:
1.  Choose New:  Look for historical, government focused, and educational sites that they haven’t seen before.  Visit your local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for a comprehensive list and the latest updates on what new exhibits might be in town to make what’s old new again.  You might be surprised when you look beyond the obvious how much your town has to offer that would be of interest to your family.
2.  Divide and Conquer:  For this trip, we did not bring our youngest child along with us.  Its always important to take into account if everyone will truly be interested in.  Knowing she would be too young to enjoy this, we made a play date for her with a friend she doesn’t see as often because it will be all the more special and generally they will go famously well versus play dates with siblings the see so often and also might fight with as well.
3.  Gift Cards:  Knowing your museum visit might be brief, plan a second activity to make the trip worth the effort.  While we have time focused on the older children, we’ll also be visiting the mall with gift cards that the older kids received.
4.  Mom Time:  I’ll definitely get getting a pedicure and manicure with my gift cards that I’ve saved up from the year so I can have that me time while we all spend so much time together.  Let’s face it, at some point we all have that need to get back to that rhythym and get some things done.
So this week we are mixing up each day with something new, fun, and different for us all.  I’m hoping every day meets everyone’s needs so they feel they’ve had a fun vacation day without an expense to our bottom line.  Working smart to combine trips, recognize what will work and what won’t, and adding in a dash of Mom time will go a long way to make your Christmas Break a joy to share.  Tell me…
Do you visit your local museums over Christmas Break?
Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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