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Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week

Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week |

For Room Moms all over the country, its game on for deciding what to do for National Education Associations’ Teacher Appreciation Week.  Because it so often falls the week before Mother’s Day, it can be a busy time for volunteers at home and at school.  Most PTAs provide guidelines about required activities and in some schools, this can last all week long.  A few years ago, my daughter’s school decided to mix things up and make Teacher Appreciation Week happen in just one day.  Why?  Because all the daily activity was so disruptive that it made for more mayhem than blessing and that wasn’t the goal.  Here is what we do:

Know Your Teacher

Before you plan your National Teacher Appreciation Week Activities, make sure you know what your teacher loves. Our PTA keeps a Teacher Profile Binder in the front office that anyone can view.  There you’ll find an entire page full of your teacher’s favorite everything, interest, hobbies and more.  It makes it super easy to choose a theme and get gift ideas all year long. And its important to know your teacher’s true interest. Its fair to say that most will love anything personalized from the child however there are those that are very practical grateful always for anything that supports the classroom and others who are all about their favorite things.  So check the list before your start.

Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week |

Door Decor

Room parents are asked to decorate classroom doors enlisting the children’s assistance in some element of the design.  The school is transformed with all kinds of colorful and creative designs and everyone enjoys such glorious displays of thanks. This year the kids just loved our “Thanks a Latte” theme because their teacher is all about her Starbucks every day all year long.  They got a kick out of personalizing their coffee cups and adding them to the jumbo personalized cup we made for the teacher. Thanks to free printables on Pinterest they were a snap to make!

Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week |

Student Created Gifts in the Classroom

Because the end of the year is just weeks away, our school policy is to leave the choice to give a Teacher Appreciation Gift to each family to make on their own.  But as a room parent, I like to make sure every child has a way to thank the teacher on this special day because I know that given the chance, surely they’d have something special to say.  And this this is where the child participation part of this day can really shine. This year we offered each student a “Thanks a Latte for All Your Do” notecard that I made with a free printable I found via Pinterest from eighteen25. By printing it on card stock, the note had the feel of high quality stationary and the kids thought that was fabulous. We hung them across the classroom but could have just as easily made them into a special book.

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas ~ Elementary School

Teacher Gifts from Your Family

In our family we choose to gift our teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day. Because we’ll be gifting our teachers at the end of the year, this gift is often just a small gesture and almost always something my youngest can do all on her own.  We’ve got a post full of clever and affordable ideas that might be just the right idea if your family choose to offer a gift this year.

Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week |

Lunch on Us

Our PTA provides the teachers with a lovely catered lunch.  To make it easy for them to enjoy as they wish, room parents and volunteers take each class to lunch and then return with the children to the classroom and spend 30 minutes enlisting their help for the door decoration and playing games or reading books to entertain them during free time.  Ask any teacher in that building and its that time eating lunch with their colleagues and not in the lunch room with 300 children that is the most cherished gift of the day!  If this isn’t something your school does its easy to bring lunch one day and offer to take the kids for your teacher too.

Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week |

A Favorite A Day

If you find you are left to your own ideas for how to thank your child’s teachers, one of the easiest ways to spread out the effort is to choose a simple theme each and every day.  Choose things like a favorite dessert, favorite beverage, favorite flower, and favorite color and then send in a very small gift that reflects those. End the week with a “What I Love About” note to the teacher and your child will have made his or her week.  This is a fabulous class wide activity too.

As both a room Mom and involved volunteer, I’m grateful our PTA leads the way making it easy to know how to thank our teachers. Tell me…

How do you recognize your child’s educators during Teacher Appreciation Week?

To jumpstart your creative juices and find some inspiration for what you might do next week, check out our Teacher Gifts and More Pinterest Board.  And No matter how young or old your kids might be, staying on top of what’s happening at school is key.  Our GO MOM!® DIY Planner and Back to School Bundle are the dynamic duo that help me get it all done.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time! 

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