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Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas |

Halloween week has arrived it’s time to carve pumpkins!  Some years we’ve got all kinds of carving time and if that is the case, I love choosing elaborate carving designs. When done carefully, they are truly beautiful and so much fun light our way on Halloween night. As my children have gotten older, they’ve developed unique carving styles ~ no joke! One chooses the easiest possible design imaginable, another chooses designs so elaborate they rarely work out as planned, and the last child somewhere in the middle. My husband and I have fun watching this unfold so predictably, ready to help when we can and only when asked.

Because our kids span middle school to college, Halloween week often finds us not together. And depending on when Halloween day actually falls, having our oldest home to carve in a time frame where the pumpkin won’t rot out simply might not be an option. So I have to have fast and easy pumpkin decorating ideas that work within the time frame that we can gather.  This year I’ve got four options that worked well for our crew. Notice that three are carve free which means we they can be done anytime in October ~ translation college fall break a few weeks ago.  Check it out!

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas |

Call me a old school but in my world, monograms are timeless and I love how easy it is to simply paint one on the face of a perfect pumpkin.  Just find a font you like online, size it to match the proportion of your pumpkin and print, cut it out, tape it on the pumpkin, trace the outline, and fill in with acrylic paint.  Easy, classic, and hospitable all in one!

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas |

Raise your hand if you love candy corn!  While I’m a huge fan, I find it’s healthier for me to decorate with candy corn like inspiration than it is for me to eat it.  So while you have that acrylic paint out, grab the white and orange and simply make as many candy corn inspired stripes as you like, leaving the pumpkin itself to serve as the orange stripe.  This was a prefect solution for my son who recently had thumb surgery ~ no carving for him this year! Painting was a great and fun compromise. Note that he chose to free hand them but if you want perfect lines, simply tape the pumpkin in painters tape, pain the sections, let them dry, and then remove.  Also, you need a really hearty yellow to get good coverage on the orange of the pumpkin underneath.

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas |

If you have a thing for gold and glitter, sponge and spray painting is a perfect way to combine those two ideas into one.  Simply sponge paint your pumpkin in one color, let it dry, and then spray paint the top third including the stem.  Once the spray paint is dry you can go back and sponge around the bottom to make it as uneven and interesting as you like. This is a great way to make a pumpkin with flaws or a less than awesome stem all kinds of lovely because it covers it completely.

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas |

And this is where our family traditions around pumpkin carving all began! Long before our Pinterest perfect lives, carving pumpkins was all about a basic design.  Some scary, some happy, and some just all kinds of goofy, pumpkin carving was a simply tradition that let you light up the night with a classic carving design.  Our oldest is the master at what we call the “Classic Charlie Brown” design.  Drawn with a sharpie, pumpkin cleaned and cut in record time, he is totally no nonsense about it and we love having this iconic pumpkin on our porch every year.  Because he won’t be home this year and wasn’t home close enough to carve before the pumpkin would rot, my husband carved one in his honor and I love having it here in this mix. Remember, complex isn’t always best.

So those are my suggestions for fast and easy pumpkin carving ideas this year.  We cranked these out in less than an hour ~ seriously all four! And I love having them on my porch. Tell me…

What are your favorite pumpkin decorating ideas?

If you are looking for fun pumpkin carving ideas that might surprise you this year, check out our Halloween Pinterest Board for all kinds clever ideas.  And the same holds true for Halloween decor.  I’m finding SO many gorgeous easy to decorate that are equal parts fun AND beautiful I can’t stop pinning! For those of you looking for pumpkin decorating supplies, these are some of my favorites from Amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ as always we so love that you are here!

Wishing you a fun and festive Halloween!

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