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Family Travel

Family travel is always so much fun but its amazing to me how some things never change. Take a Mom’s bag. No different than your purse, tote, or diaper bag, its an endless dumping ground for everything your family needs. Odds and ends you had no idea you had and countless items you wish were never added. So when it comes to vacation with your family by your side, its all about carrying the right bags to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

This summer I’ve had to take a close look at the bags I travel with both on my own and with my gang. Thanks to a long overdue foot surgery, I found my hands full using a scooter or crutches, my arms engaged in supporting me instead of holding bags, and my legs not able to keep my usually nimble pace. So it became all about streamlining the process so the tools in tow could be an asset to my travel, not a hinderance to my experience. Each bag needed a dedicated purpose, maximum capacity for that purpose, and an ease of functionality that would make me almost forget it was there. And it occurred to me this is no different than what every busy Mom needs when it comes to family travel. Here are my Mom must haves when it comes to her bags and family travel.

Family Travel

Holly Aiken Jet Pack


So I totally did NOT pick this for its name but the Jet Pack is perfection in a backpack. With teens and an child in older elementary school, regardless of my busy days as a sports mom, its been years since I’ve carried a backpack as an everyday purse. The straps are perfect, the right size to be comfortable yet sturdy, meaning when it was on my back, it stayed in just the right place. The interior has a generous pocket for my cell phone, lip balm and keys, and the rest of the bag is plenty roomy for anything I might carry. Its durability doesn’t comprise its style with toggle closures, die-cut dots, and countless options to personalize the colors that match your personality best. My days in a cast, on crutches, or using a scooter are thankfully done and thought has yet to occur to me to change back to my old everyday bag at home or on the road.

Family Travel

Holly Aiken Bomber (Atomic)

Tote Bag

Stop right there! I am NOT expecting and I don’t have a reason to carry a diaper bag. But I could not resist the Bomber’s spacious interior with three pockets to keep my oversized items contained with a wide open top to make it easy for anyone to reach in and get the things they need. Perfect for my laptop and files, planner and digital media tools, I was able to hang it on the front of my scooter and have everything at my fingertips. Fast forward to a trip to Walt Disney World with my daughter and we were able to put all of the travel accessories she wanted close by right inside. It consolidated our carryon bags into one universal destination for anything we both might need. And when it comes to containing spills or handling the messier side of life, no word of a lie you can put this thing in the dishwasher!!!! Its got a nice velcro closure to keep things all closed up and the best part of all is no one will ever know it was designed to be the ultimate diaper bag.

Family Travel

American Tourister DeLite Spinner Suitcase at Target


I’ve finally found the perfect suitcase! Just compact enough to be easy to manage, the American Tourister DeLite Spinner is the official suitcase for Walt Disney World. Not just smart co-branding, this suitcase deserves that shout out because it truly is the best bag for organized family travel. Its sleek in design which makes it easy to carryon if you don’t choose to check it. Even though its just 21″ it seems generously sized thanks to plenty of pockets, pouches, and zippered compartments inside and out. Thanks to the dual spinner wheels and adjustable, retractable handle, even packed to the max I was able to pull it entirely on my own while on my scooter. Its for that reason that I plan to buy this exact suitcase for ever single member of my family. Perfect for business trips, weekend getaways, and family travel all in one ~ you can’t ask for much more than that!

So those are my 3 Mom bag must haves for family travel all year long. I travelled twice this summer to both New York City and then Walt Disney World itself. Each trip brought all kinds of new experiences that challenged me to rely on the helping hands of my colleagues at EasyClostes, the kindness of complete strangers, and the patience I can only hope my youngest child and our friends would have. I found myself navigating planes, tranes, taxis, buses, and so much more with a cast, boot and scooter too. If these bags can withstand those tests then surely then handle the organized demands of family travel. Tell me…

What are your Mom bag must haves when it comes to family travel?

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