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When it comes to family travel, summer can be the best time of year to make time to get away. July is the perfect month to take flight giving you the break you all need. For my busy family, the last week of July is often the first week our schedules are completely clear of summer sports commitments and when we finally exhale knowing we can stay up late and sleep in all week long. So just in case you have a little summer travel left in your July, (or right around the corner in August) its time to make a trip planner to get your ducks in a row.

Family Travel

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Part of our year long series GO MOM!® Organizing Tips, the secret to fabulous family travel lies in being prepared.  Long before that vacation actually happens, it all begins with a solid plan and every great trip deserves a compass to keep you on track. Thankfully, our GO MOM!® DIY Planner has everything you need to plan, budget, and enjoy any trip you might have in mind.

Family Travel Calendar

Dated Monthly Calendar ~ To take time off you have to make time to get ready and our dated monthly calendar keeps you on track with the commitments that need to be protected as you plan.  Undated Weekly Planner Pages ~ Perfect for helping you plan your week away with activities, meals, and more.  Or, if your family is anything like mine, you’ll leave this as blank as the day is long because when we go to the beach, our only goal is to spend time on the beach.

Family Travel Details

Organized Expenses ~ Even a modest vacation involves having the proper resources so use our expenses tracker to both map out an easy budget as you plan and then keep your spending on track once you go. Organized Contacts ~ From the rental company of the home or condo you might be visiting to that favorite restaurant you discover while you are there, having a contacts sheet makes it easy to stay in touch and keep records for the future. Organized Directions ~ And then there are directions.  While digital directions are all the rage, I’m the one who always has a hard copy on hand just in case and when it comes to getting lost on vacation, lets just say my hard copy has saved the day more than once.

Family Travel Packing

Organized Travel: Mom ~ A great list of things only Mom needs to remember. Organized Travel: House ~ Everything your house needs to have done before you leave. Organized Travel: Packing ~ a universal packing list to point your family in the right direction.

Family Travel Memories

Organized Memories ~ Its the reason you travel ~ to make memories that last a lifetime ~ and I love this worksheet to help me jot down favorite things about our trip at the end of each day.  While I’m not the best at journaling or scrapbooks for that matter, making notes has always kept me on track and this is one list the entire family can contribute too.  If i ever do make a scrapbook I think I’ll love this list the most.

No matter if its July or August, when it comes to adding family travel into your schedule, its no different than any other project or special event.  Creating special planner that everyone can not only refer to but contribute to as well is a wonderful tool the entire family will enjoy.  It can also become an even better keepsake. Tell me…

When do you make time for family travel and how do you keep it organized from the start?

For more ideas about fabulous family travel, be sure to check our Family Travel Pinterest Board and let us know what pins you love most.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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