Family Tips ~ The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer for Teens

I am honored to join AT&T as an It Can Wait Advocate. I was compensated for this summer long campaign and hope it will serve a powerful role in your home not only with your teens but as responsible adult drivers as well.

Family Tips It Can Wait

I pride myself on sharing family tips that are useful and I know will work. This week, with all my heart I’m praying for this to be true.  Memorial Day has come and gone and sadly, the 100 deadliest days of Summer for teens are upon us. As a Mom of 2 teen drivers, the freedom of our summer schedules means our boys will be driving more, taking charge of their schedules and making the most of their free time with friends.  Both committed to competitive sports, we’ll have plenty of practices, games and matches to navigate where they’ll be riding together without my husband or I at the wheel or in the passenger seat to make sure they are safe.   This means that not only is it important that they have learned to be safe drivers.  It means that we need to make sure we have taught them not text and drive.  And part of that starts with understanding what THEY think about it.

I am honored to join AT&T as an It Can Wait Advocate this summer.  From May 26 through Sept 3, I’ll be sharing monthly posts that will educate our community about why texting and driving can wait.  My role plays just a small part of an incredible multi-media campaign that will share resources every single day that include pictures and personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and ItCanWait.com.  Its no small surprise that social media has been a huge influence in the success of this campaign.  To date, there are more than 1.5 million pledges to never text and drive.  This summer, there will be more names added to the It Can Wait Pledge from our home.  Check out this eye-opening Teen Survey from AT& T about what teens think when it comes to Texting and Driving:

My husband and I do all we can to stay connected to our boys, to be there to talk when they want, and just be there even when they don’t.  Parents of teens know that sometimes the best conversations can be the shortest ones, the texts that end with “Love U Mom” or “Home in 10”.  We text with them often, asking that they check in via text when they arrive somewhere, and texting again as they are about to get on the road so we can know when to expect them.  We are guilty of having texted them while at school to clarify details for their afternoon schedules.  We make it a point NOT to text them when we think they might still be on the road. We have to lead by example, which is harder for most of us than we’d to admit, and pray we never have a first hand opportunity to show how deadly texting and driving can be. This is not a lesson better learned by experience. But we can show them.  We can bring it down to their very teenage minded level.  We can teach them through the grace of others who in the midst of their own pain, are vigilantly advocating for change so that our children will be safe.  Here is just one very eye opening example.

Next fall, myself along with hundreds of It Can Wait advocates across the nation will reach out to our communities, hosting events to raise awareness about the risks of texting while driving.  Its my hope that I can touch as many teens (and parents) as possible between now and then, leading them all to make that personal commitment not to text and drive.  It is my hope that I will spark a fire in their hearts, that my sons and their friends will be motivated to become advocates on their own, actively educating their school community to do the same.  This all starts at home.

This weekend we are going to spend time with the boys exploring ItCanWait.com.  They will spend time on the site, watching the documentaries and learning the facts about what teens, and adults, think about texting and driving versus what they actually do. They will take the pledge not to text and drive.  We will take that pledge as well. And together we will hold each other accountable all summer long.  Will you join us?

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  • Jessica @The Mom Creative June 3, 2013, 7:00 am

    This is SUCH an important topic. I love that you will be blogging about it all summer. My kids are young, but I am already thinking about ways to model this.

    • admin June 5, 2013, 9:58 am

      Thanks Jessica! I could not agree more and the reality is, adults need to hear the message of self control as much as their kids. Thanks for commenting!

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