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Do you protect family time on your planner so you never miss Family Night, Date Night, or Girls Night Out?  Just typing that makes me happy and ready for all kinds of fun!  Last month, we kicked off a 6 part series on Simple Stated, Real Simple Magazine’s Blog.  Created in partnership with Real Simple and Samsung, the series is rooted in the question, “Why work harder?”  Each installment focuses on a topic that when tamed, can make a busy woman’s life work smart so she doesn’t have to work hard.

This week we are talking about how ways you can find extra time with your loved ones that you might not have known was there.  Its all to easy to give in to being to tired to make the extra effort and keep that coffee date with friends or make homemade pizza instead of ordering Dominos.  But if you work smart at your schedule, you’ll find those rituals and commitments are sacred and you’ll do all you can to protect them for everyone’s sake.   Stop by and take a peek  ~ I’d love to know what you think!

If you haven’t spied it yet, we’ve got some easy tips in the October issue I think you’ll love so snag a copy and check us out! While we are here, tell me…

How do you protect time with family and friends in your busy schedule?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  Special thanks to Real Simple for engaging me for this campaign in partnership with Samsung.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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