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Family Game Night and Ice Cream Treat Traditions

Family Game Night and Ice Cream Treats {Traditions}

Family game night is a wonderful tradition that makes for a lifetime of memories full of laughter and fun.  But lets be real ~ finding time for this one evening can be incredibly hard while raising a busy family.  In fact as your children grow for any given week, it can be monumental just to get everyone home at the same time on the same night. But thanks to summer, our family has is blessed to have more time together as a complete unit and finding time for family game night  ~ or morning ~ or afternoon ~ is a breeze.  Here are a few tips to help you plan a fun family game night in the summer.

#DIIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

Choose a regular spot to gather.

One of my favorite places to play games is our screened in porch.  A natural extension of our living space, it has always been a wonderful spot for us to gather and visit while we enjoy the beauty of North Carolina’s warm summer nights.  Earlier this summer we gave our deck a wonderful refresh that has begged for us to enjoy it all season long. And truth be told, our screened porch is the perfect blend of things I loved in my own childhood.  I can still remember the day I beat my oldest sister at Monopoly one Thanksgiving visit at my Grandmother’s.  Not something that is often discussed, let’s just say it was a very big deal.  We often played games at my Grandmother’s house and the 3 season summer porch was the perfect place for that to occur.

Make family game night a habit.

I can promise you that my love for being outside first no matter what the weather is in direct response to spending much of my childhood playing outside for hours on end.  Riding bikes without helmets or shoes (I know!), climbing trees, digging in the creek, and the entire block playing 50-50 Scatter and Capture the Flag long into each and every summer night.  Creating that sense of summer freedom for my kids seems Herculean sometimes in a world where knocking on the door and asking someone to play has been replaced by play dates and sleeping in on summer mornings get’s trumped by getting up every day for a specialty camp. So anytime we can spend outside is time well spent because it fills those memories with the sound of crickets and frogs as a backdrop for the conversations and giggling that I always hope will endure.

Serve special ice cream treats.

One memory I can’t recreate as easily is the occasional visit to our street by the ice cream truck.  For me, it was a signature part of summer, my mom saying yes sparingly, making sure each wonderful visit was always a treat, not an expectation.  For my kids, its not that the ice cream truck is extinct. In fact sometimes we can hear it in the neighborhood on the other side of the woods ~ SO close but yet so far.  In the 9 years we have lived here, I have never seen an ice cream truck come by and as a work at home Mom, the odds are high that I would notice if it did.

Family Game Night and Ice Cream Treat Traditions

Thanks to Global Influence and Walgreens, this summer I have found a fun substitute for the ice cream truck that never comes.  When it’s time to plan treats for family game night, I’ve found a great selection of Unilever products on a stick or in a wrapper to pick from.  I’d be lying if I said we don’t like chocolate and carmel so Klondike and Magnum Brand Ice Cream Treats have been a huge hit for everyone.  And just in case someone wants something a little less rich, I’ve gotten used to having have Fruttare fruit based treats on hand.  Long story short? There is something for everyone and serving them between games or at the end of the night means you don’t wait for the truck to enjoy the treats.  Tell me…

What are your family’s favorite ice cream treats?  

Do you have an ice cream truck that stops by?

If you are looking for more fabulous family activities like family game night with ice cream treats, check out our Summer Entertaining Pinterest Board full of activities and recipes to get you all set up. Summer is for savoring so make the most of these next few weeks and spend time with the people who matter most. You’ll never regret it!  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure: Special thanks to Global Influence for engaging me for this compensated post.


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