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Family Finance Tips for February

Family Finance Tips for February |

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No matter what else might be happening in my life, February is when I’m looking for the latest family finance tips.  Now that the dust has settled from my annual home office organizing touch up, this is the month when I really drill down and focus on our personal finances.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we are working on our taxes, filling out the FAFSA for college aid, or evaluating our expenses for the year while we fine tune our budget. Ahem.

If you are working Your 12 Month Organizing Plan, this is next step in your year long journey to tackle one organizing topic a month.  So it only goes to serve that we’d follow what you are naturally thinking about now that your W2 and end of the year tax statements have taken up residence on your desk while those holiday bills have started to appear.  Thankfully, we’ve got four steps to help you tame the family finance beast one week at a time ~ check it out!

February Family Finance Tips |

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 How to Make a Budget Planner


Home Inventory {Family Finance Tips}

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Home Inventory


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Record Keeping

Document Safety {Family Finance Tips} |

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Document Safety

Tell me…

Are you working on your family finances this month?

What’s the one thing you financial goal you want to achieve the most this year?

If you do better with a checklist or two to point you in the right direction, we’ve got a FREE printable for that! As a special thank you to our GO MOM! Email Subscribers, we have a wonderful FREE Printables library to help you get and stay organized in many ways. Our Work At Home Mom Bundle includes an Organized Expenses and Budget Worksheet that we think is all kinds of helpful.  And if you are following the 12 Month Organizing Plan, you’ll find our 12 Month Home Organizing Plan and Room by Room Home Organizing Plan Checklist too.  If you love Pinterest, be sure to check out our Family Finance Tips Pinterest Board for all kinds of financial inspiration.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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