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Fall Tune Up and Pre-Holiday Planning

The new school year is well under way and my family is in a groove. First quarter is about to draw to a close, reports cards will come home, and some Fall activates are winding down already with the promise of early Winter sports just a few short weeks away.  So how are you doing?  Do you feel like you are working hard and a making it work?  Or are you doing everything at once and nothing well?  Are you having fun?  If you answered no to any or all of these questions, I have a few suggestions to help you get back on track and enjoying most every moment!

Files and Record Keeping

Nope, you really won’t need every worksheet or cute picture your child draws.  But you will want to keep tests, report cards, conference notes, and special projects.  These tell the story of your child’s progress and you never know when that chronology might come in handy for future assessments or accommodations for your child’s greatest success.  Easily done with a binder and 4 tabs, simply add items weekly as they come home from school.   Click here to watch our tutorial video to show you how.

Live a generally well organized daily life.

Block an organizing window on your personal calendar every week using this time to plan, research and outline logistics for projects on your list.   Refer often to that seasonal checklist like the one we offer at www.GOMOMINC.com and include everything from rotating seasonal clothing and décor to tackling fall yard work and home safety tasks like changing batteries in smoke detectors, furnace filters, and more.  That way when Saturday arrives, you can stay focused on what you’ve made time for and know that you’ll get more done next time.  When tackling organizing projects, remember there is a universal process to sort anything.  Just have bins labeled hand me down, consign, donate, or trash and you are on your way from closets to playrooms and more.   Click here a tutorial video to show you how.

Be mindful of special events and holidays to come.

After years of trial and error, I’ve come to realize that having an awesome holiday really just boils down to project management.  Take a look at your calendar and identify every special event and holiday your family will be involved in.   For each event you can create a folder with a list or simply make a list of what’s involved.  Are you hosting or attending locally?  Are you travelling or staying home?  Will you have house guests?  Do you need to purchase clothing or costumes, home décor, seasonal decorations, gifts, entertaining supplies, arrange for invitations, or more?  I think you get the picture.  Then create a timeline for each event to accomplish all the tasks involved.  Most everything does well with at least 4 weeks planning, travel will require more as will shipping of gifts.  Click here for a tutorial video to get you started now!

Click here to download your free fall checklist!

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