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Fall Schedule and How To Be Flexible

Today, we’re going to be taking about schedules and routines. Why? Because this is the 1st week of October closing out and hopefully, by now you would have downloaded our Fall Organizing Checklist.

On this checklist, you’ll find all sorts of great solutions for things you need to take care of over the next 3 months. These 3 months can be extremely busy and hectic and you do need to stay on top of your to-do list.

Get Organized with the Fall Organizing Checklist

On the Fall organizing Checklist, you’ll find great solutions for cleaning your home, getting ready for the colder months, reviewing your financial plans, setting up medical appointments now for the 1st quarter of the month. This is also the time when you can take steps to stay safe.

Tools to Manage Your Time

You have plenty of tools to manage your time – this checklist, your color coded calendar, your planner and your cellphone. There are plenty of tools to help you manage your time and organize your schedule.

Staying Flexible with Routines and Schedules

The most important thing when you’re staying in family is to go with the flow and stay flexible. Because unless something is life-threatening, it is okay to let a few things go. So, if my husband forgot to change the batteries in the smoke detector, do I get mad at him, “No”. Do I expect this of him? “Sometimes” Do I take the task back on myself? No, because I already have a long list of things I do in the house and he has his. Unless something is totally dangerous, it is okay to be flexible and have the grace to let small things pass, even if they’re on your to-do list.

I hope you download the Fall Organizing Checklist and get organized for the next 3 months easily.

Click here to download your free fall checklist!

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