Easy Meals {Spinach Ravioli Bake}

Easy Meals


If you are a busy Mom then easy meals are your secret to making dinner happen.  And if you offer easy meals that your family loves, its like hitting the jackpot on your busiest days.  Dinner is made without a lot of effort on your part.  People are fed asking not only for seconds but happy at the end of the meal.  And your work is done.  Well…for that night’s dinner dilemma at least.

This school year I’m more challenged than ever to feed my family a home cooked meal with all five of us together at the dinner table.  More nights than not, we have at least three different commitments each and every day.  Three kids each with one activity ~ you get my dilemma. Now just for fun lets take that up a notch and take those three kids, add in various additional activities for the two who are teenagers (which is totally normal and frankly necessary at their age) and a dash of every other week for a 2nd activity for the younger one, and clearly our evenings are not our own, school nights included.

So back to those easy meals for dinner. Because my dinner table is more like a revolving door, my goal is to make dinner that can be eaten in shifts with or without me home. I am cooking four out of five school nights leaving Wednesday open for Monday/Tuesday leftovers.  To do that I need a long list of easy meals and I decided that in the coming weeks, I will share my favorite finds here.  Today I made a super easy Spinach Ravioli Bake from Taste of Home. One of my favorite sites for recipe ideas of all kinds, I love knowing that virtually anything I make will truly taste delicious.  Why this recipe works…

Easy Meals = Easy Ingredients

Easy Meals

Easy peasy, using a mix of items I already had on hand ~ score!  You can see I substituted cheese tortellini for the ravioli because I’m all about using what I have when I can.  My people had no idea it was supposed to be made any other way. Sneaky me!

Easy Meals = Easy Steps

Easy Meals


Easy Meals

Easy Meals

This recipe prep is ridiculously easy, just a series of simple layers of sauce, pasta, cheese, spinach, and repeat.  I added a bit more sauce over the top as you an see in the very first photo.  It takes just 45 minutes to bake so that’s a total score to easily make ahead of time and reheat individual servings on demand.

Easy Meals = Less Stressed Mom

Because I work from home, I love meals I can prep on my lunch break making it possible for me to focus on our afternoon whirlwind knowing dinner is done. Keeping my personal stress level in check is key to being fully present for my family when they need me most, even if that time juggling is running a carpool or working together at home on homework when I’m needed.  To keep the easy in this peasy, I served the Spinach Ravioli Bake from Taste of Home with warm Alexia Ciabatta Rolls and a fresh salad and just like that, my people where happy.  And if my people are happy, then I am happy too. Tell me…

What are your easy meals secrets for your busiest days?

Check out our Recipes Pinterest Board for all kinds of Easy Meals inspiration. Its really the only kind of recipe I love to share. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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