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Easy Giving Tuesday Ideas for Kids

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday makes me happy.  After watching our country lose its shopping mind thanks to early shopping hours actually on Thanksgiving, its never been more apparent that our quest for a good deal knows no boundary.  Black Friday has lost a bit of its bling and Cyber Monday gives us hope that what we may have missed we can still find and save just a bit more.  By the end of this 4 day focus on all things shopping, it can be hard to find your non-materialistic heart. And what does this say to our kids? This is why I love Giving Tuesday.  It challenges us to place as much focus on giving as we have on buying. Its a day designed to make it as trendy, expected, and obvious as shopping the sale and its a huge opportunity to teach your children the core value of giving.  Not only during the holidays but hopefully all year long. Here are 4 Giving Tuesday ideas for kids that you can totally do today and every day ~ they are really that simple!

Build a Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Online

Miss the deadline for National Collection Week?  No worries ~ because now you can build Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes all year long!  I love this because its totally digital, something you can sit down and do NOW, and something  you can easily do every single month.  At just $30 a box you can easily budget this into your year.  Better yet, your kids and make saving for this monthly expense a group activity that they all contribute too!

Donate to Your Local Food Bank

The holidays are a time when many local food banks are highly visible with food drop off locations all around town. Visit your local food bank’s website and check out their list of most needed items.  Then with your children in charge, fill a bag for each child with items on the list.  Chances are these are all items you may already have in your personal stockpile and if not, its an easy trip to the store often for items that could be on sale. Talk with your kids about how these are things they never even think twice about having on hand and why its the simplest of things that can make the biggest difference.  And then plan how you can donate every month all year long as well as volunteer for age appropriate tasks to support the Food Bank beyond the holidays.

Donate Items to Your School

Ask your child what their classroom or specials might be needing. You’d be surprised at how aware they are and what items they share their teachers could use.  From public to private in 2 states and more, I’ve yet to see a school with classrooms and teachers who don’t need your support.  Check your school website for a Teacher Wishlist, email your child’s teachers directly, or check with your principal to find out how you can contribute. From every day classroom supplies to gently used games, books, art supplies, playground toys, and more, its easy to put together a bag of items your child can proudly share.

Donate Toys to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Such an incredibly easy way to donate and when it comes to kids, the excitement around new toys is universal and very easy to understand.  The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is another highly visible donation opportunity in your local community with drop off locations at local fire houses, businesses, and retail stores galore.  Because toys are welcome in all price ranges, a quick trip to your local big box retailer with so much on sale can yield a very special toy for some very special girls and boys.  Another opportunity to have your children contribute with their own resources, consider matching what they contribute and possibly increasing the number of toys you can donate.

These are just a few incredibly easy Giving Tuesday ideas for kids that you can totally tackle today.  I hope this inspires you to focus on how you can encourage your children to serve today.  Tell me…

Do you participate in Giving Tuesday?  

How do you carry forward to last beyond the holidays?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ now get out and GIVE!



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