Easy Donation Ideas for #GivingTuesday

Now that the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, #GivingTuesday is the best opportunity in the world to chase your holiday spend with generous giving. So easy to overlook at this expensive time of year, without even thinking about it families put charitable giving at the bottom of the holiday gift list.  I think it should be at the top.

Easy Donation Ideas for #GivingTuesday | gomominc.com

I fight hard to keep the spirit of giving focused on others and those in need versus allowing consumerism to cloud what this season means to us.  So in an effort to make that as easy as can be, check out my unexpected ideas for #GivingTuesday.

#GivingTuesday and School

For the duration of my children’s time in public school, each building has always offered an opportunity for the kids to donate to causes that immediately impact that school. Things like a Holiday Giving Tree enabling kids to purchase gifts for students in need. A Food Drive to stock up on supplies for kids who participate in Backpack Buddies weekend food supply. A School Supply Drive to restock classrooms with most used items as the end of the first semester nears. All of these efforts are totally tangible in your child’s eyes and benefit from a cash donation as much as any other. You’ll find nothing but gratitude for your donation in any amount and you’ll know you are supporting the future of your community.

#GivingTuesday and Girl Scouts

Our youngest is an avid Girl Scout, dedicated to achieving the Gold Star award by the time she graduates high school and loving everything about it! While so many may challenge the distribution of funds, giving locally enables my girl’s troop to access programs and services that might not otherwise exist. Because she loves to camp, a great way to personalize the effort is to sponsor another child to attend summer camp next year, making sure they enjoy all the experiences our girl has come to know and love.

#GivingTuesday and Animal Rescues

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we recently adopted a Lab Retriever Mix from a local animal rescue. New to this way of adopting a dog, I was amazed to see how committed the organization and volunteer foster families are to placing these precious animals in loving homes. With specific lists of supplies, its easy to create care packages for foster families to use and as always, a cash donation in any amount is a gift that will be welcomed with open arms.

#GivingTuesday and Your Health

There’s not a person you know who hasn’t been touched by some kind of health issue ~ so often in their circle of friends but sometimes directly. You can baked, cooked, run carpool, shopped groceries, prayed, or done anything at all for someone suffering a health crises, you know how important it is that the disease or issue they are fighting is cured. Making a charitable donation in that person’s name is an incredible gift because it holds the promise of a cure. And that is a gift that is as priceless as it gets.

#GivingTuesday and No One Knows

This might be my favorite #GivingTuesday idea of all because it embodies how much it’s not about the giver.  While most of the above suggestions include interacting with the activity or organization, one of the most rewarding ways to give is doing so anonymously. If you are at a loss for where to start, check GO FUND ME. You’ll find a host of options for people in all kinds of situations. While they may not always be tragic, you never know what people are going through and how your support could be the game changer.

These are just a few easy donation ideas to get your wheels turning about how you can participate in #GivingTuesday. Such an easy thing to do and often just as easy as making all those online purchases you may have just wrapped up. Think of it as a spending cleanse. Tell me…

What if next year you gave as much on #GivingTuesday

as you spend on your gift list?

Challenge raised Mom! Let me know how you choose to give today and thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Happy Holidays!

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