Easy Craft for Swim Meet Race Ribbons


Swim Team Race Ribbons

Swim Team Race Ribbons
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Our daughter loves to swim and so far, it seems to agree with her.  Weekly swim meets lasting 3 hours or more most every Tuesday night for 2 months defined her summer and with each race, she was motivated to swim harder, go faster, and see if she could beat her best time.  Perhaps best loved were the relays she swam, part of a group of girls all working together and cheering each other on.  She’s competitive and has asked to swim year round ~ she is happy in the water and that’s priceless.  We aren’t taking the year round dive yet ~ there is plenty of time for that.

Now that summer has ended she has a stack of treasured race ribbons and I’ve been searching for a way for them to be easily displayed like a trophy but not end up a cluttered mess like they’ve been so far.  As I’ve said without shame before, not exactly super crafty all on my own, I do love a craft that can be easily done with 3 or fewer steps.  Here is what we came up with for the ribbons.

We purchased patriotic ribbon from AC Moore, some simple rings from Walmart, and use push pins I already had at home. My daughter choose to sort her swim meet race ribbon collection by place earned in each race, for example first, second, third and so on.

Swim Meet Race Ribbons

Race Ribbons Craft
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold


Next we slipped the ribbons onto rings, tied a small bow on the front of each ring, and then slid the rings onto the patriotic ribbon.  A little tip ~ make sure the ring width matches the ribbon width so that when you go to attach the completed project to the bulletin board, you can pull it taughtly to look nice and be easily worked with. Yes I found that out the hard way.

Swim Meet Race Ribbons

Ribbon Pinned in Board
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

Finally, we attached the patriotic ribbon full of rings with push pins to her bulletin board and simply spaced each ring out evenly.  The completed projet is awesome because our daughter was able to do most every step on her own and we enjoyed ever bit of that together.  Nothing like an easy craft to make something special to decorate your room and not have to ask your Mom for help right?  She can easily look through and see her swim team accomplishments anytime and its a breeze to open up the rings to remove the ribbons should she choose to look at them in detail.  The best part for me is no more “Mom what are we going to do with all my ribbons?”  Each year, we will simply start again.

Summer time is full of memories and its wonderful to find easy crafts that let you enjoy those memories all year long.  Tell me….

How do you display sports memorabilia from each season your child is active?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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  1. gear jane09-21-12

    This looks like a great idea for my kids. Do you mind if I apply them to my household?

  2. Gina02-28-13

    We use a three-ring binder with inserts that fit all the ribbons. It’s been great because my son likes to organize them by date. Then I use page protectors for any larger certificates, the team photo, or anything large.

    • admin06-05-13

      This is such a great tip Gina! Swim Meet ribbons seem to beg for being enjoyed and I love a good binder project to organize almost anything that kids love to share. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Callie02-01-14

    Do your ribbons already have the hole in them? My daughters ribbons do not, and I’m tempted to use a hole puncher, but obviously don’t want to ruin them!!

    • Molly Gold02-05-14

      Hi Callie! They do so it makes it easy to string them through. They come with a yarn loop to hang them that is strong through a pre-punched hole. Hope that helps!

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