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Family Finance Tips ~ Document Safety

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Today we are talking Document Safety in Week 4 in our February Family Finance Series! All part of our GO MOM!® Organizing Tips Series for the year long we are helping you think to live like you are moving. Why? Because when you move you are laser focused by making sure everything is taken care of when it comes to finance, we should really live like that all the time but we often do. So this final week is about some of the harder things.

I’m sitting here with two safes and this week is about document safety for the long haul. Whether its a fire or a flood or you just need to know that all of the truly key documents are in one place, that’s where having a home safe comes into place. Some people may have a safe deposit boxes at their bank with key documents and perhaps even jewelry.  But for most of us, when it comes to document safety, a home safe is where this stops.

Small Safe

The small safe is just right for digital document safety.  Think pictures and an external hard drive that is a back up of your computer hard drive. While many people use cloud storage consider this hard copy the back up to the back up and should something happen, you’ll never regret having taken the time to protect your files. And finally, don’t forget to add in a that video home inventory video from earlier in the series.

Large Safe

The large safe is designed for document safety, having the necessary construction to easily insert hanging file folders.  Store key documents in a simple file folders system to include wills, titles of cars, passports, and copies of other key documents you simply can’t be without. My favorite resource for how to set up your important papers comes from SuzeOrman.com. She has a great list of resources on her site and one product is designed exactly for this kind of purpose. Items to consider are birth certificates, passports, deeds to properties, copies of insurance policies and investments, and then simple things like copies of credit cards and driver’s licenses.

Family Finance Tips

I know ~ this is the hard part and surely not so glamorous. But if you put in the effort this week to focus on document safety and how you can improve your process, you’ll be ahead of the game. Think about it ~ we’ve done some serious work so far! You set up a budget planner, you’ve done that home inventory so you have that video of what’s in your home, you’ve checked in on your insurance policies so you should have current copies for your files, and you’ve also looked at file storage having whittled down to keeping things only as long as you need to so you are ready for this final step. Check out SuzeOrman.com for her important document list to help you decide what to include in your safe. And tell me…

Do you keep your personal information separate in a in a safe or a file drawer?

I know I’ve been guilty of using just a file drawer for years ~ I didn’t always have a safe. I’d love to know how address document safety. Please stop by our Family Finance Pinterest Board for some great tips from around the web to help you find your best solutions. And as always we can’t thank you enough for stopping by. I really hope you are enjoying this series ~ you’ve gotten SO much done in February and there’s plenty more to do in March on an entirely different topic.

Thanks so much for being a part of GO MOM! Organizing Tips and we will definitely see you next time ~ take care!


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