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Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

No small surprise that when it comes to an organized holiday season, I’m on it! After all, that’s what we do here ~ we help you Outsmart the Chaos all year long.  And let’s face it ~ the holidays bring all kinds of chaos to our already busy table so the more organized tricks the better to tame this potentially crazy holiday beast.  Today’s “Do Now!” list focuses on a few key holiday tools and the tasks that can get the best of you if you don’t take charge. Think holiday budgets, coupons, baking, and cards. Each so important in their own way but my word what a time suck each can be.  To avoid feeling you’ve ended up in the land of “The best laid plans of mice and men” check out our suggestions to keep you moving along and enjoying the holidays to the fullest!

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

First, our “Get Organized for the Holidays” Facebook group ~ new in 2015 and all kinds of daily reminder awesome.

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

And our newly redesigned and expanded GO MOM!® Holiday Bundle. Each was created to help you map out your holidays with your own personal style. The Facebook Group is a true daily to-do prompt and the Holiday Bundle is the tool where you make it all happen.

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

Because I’m the kind of person who both loves a great deal AND has to be in the actual season to decorate, entertain, and buy gifts, that means I don’t do a bunch of advance holiday purchasing. When it comes to real holiday spending, it all happens in the next few weeks for me.  And if I don’t organize my holiday budget and have it in hand, that’s an end of the year financial train wreck waiting to happen.

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

I’m going to be very honest about the financial side of the holidays.  Some days it feels like everywhere I turn there’s a new opportunity to donate, need to spend, and event to get our home or family ready for.  And in turn I feel like my bank account is a revolving door and even though I’ve planned ahead, I get stressed about all that spending. That’s why focusing on how to organize holiday coupons is so important. They make all the difference in helping us participate in holiday giving to the extent that we hope to in so many wonderful ways!

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.com

Time to cut to the chase ~ holiday cards can be a huge holiday stress if you don’t get on it early and get them done.  In our house we celebrate Christmas and sending those cards by December 1st is a must do for me to make sure I keep them in their organized place.  I just need to remember to focus on how to organize holiday cards so they serve their intended purpose, which is to be sent with love to those we cherish most.

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday | gomominc.comI absolutely adore holiday baking!  One of my favorite parts of our Christmas celebration, I’m always looking for new recipes to share and festive ways to package them as I go. But true to form for an always busy holiday season, holiday baking is something that can actually cause many busy Moms a lot of stress. So that’s why creating a Holiday Baking Plan is the only way I know how to survive all that chaos in my kitchen.

These are just a few of my organized holiday hotspots but the ones that I feel strongly can throw you for quite a loop if you don’t get a handle on them now.  Tell me…

What is your biggest organized holiday challenge?

Its never too late to join our “Get Organized for the Holidays” Facebook group and start using the GO MOM!® Holiday Bundle. Begin where you are and make the most of the time you have to create the holidays you hope to share.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ Happy Holidays!


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