Do Moms Talk About Money?

When it the last time you talked about money with your Mom friends? Money is rarely on the chat list of a play date at the park or conversation in the bleachers unless someone’s husband has lost a job and only then its hushed voices, worried looks, and the pit in your own stomach as you realize how delicate the balance is between security and chaos. Its frowned upon to discuss money, its abundance or illusion, how you are a succeeding or struggling, and what you might do differently that could work to change your circumstances for the better. And this is truly ironic because as Moms, there’s rarely a topic that is sacred, barred from discussion or team problem solving. From sex to diapers, job aspirations to marital struggles, teenage dilemmas or workout woes, we lay it all out on the table, hash out the details with our girlfriends (and maybe a bottle of wine) so we can keep going, stay in the game, preserve our marriage, and live our lives full of hope and promise. And sadly, money can be as divisive a topic as politics or religion, setting friends or family off to passionate points of view you had no idea they held, and sometimes putting divides of tension between you that can’t be tamed. But money is part of life, and every Mom knows that life takes a village…so welcome to ours!

In 2011 Money will be key conversation at GO MOM! Money meets our content categories Schedule, Organize, Grow, perfectly and I’m eager to share a fact based and practical perspective, hoping it inspires you to take charge of your future with knowledge and confidence that your actions will matter not only at home but community wide. As part of our conversation, I am excited to partner with Momthink.org, a public awareness campaign dedicated to educating mothers about important issues that will impact their children today and in the future. It is a project of Intellectual Takeout, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank. For more information about Intellectual Takeout click here. The national debt is the first issue of potentially many that MomThink.org plans to bring to the forefront of mom’s minds. From the economy to national security, and other issues that affect the well-being of our children and grandchildren, the goal is to spark a national dialogue among mothers who think deeply and care passionately about passing on a better America to future generations. For information on other issues click here.

I said yes to working with MomThink.Org because they have confidence in you and me that we are bright, capable, interested, and that we are likely the most important change agent in our nation’s future no matter what the topic. Moms are already the most powerful consumer, controlling 2 trillion dollars in spending every year because we are ultimately the decision maker even if our partners make the final purchase. Its time we take that force of nature into finance and our future and it begins with the National Debt. As you turn the corner into January fresh with new opportunity to focus on family finance, here are a few facts that may help you keep that passion to balance your budget and save for your future:

  • 85% of Americans surveyed believe that the increasing federal debt will harm their children’s and grandchildren’s financial future – source: http://www.newsonnews.net/cnbc/
  • Currently the national debt stands at $13.8 trillion and growing – http://www.usdebtclock.org/
  • The cost per taxpayer stands at $125,222….what could you do with $125,222 other than pay off the nation’s debt?
  • Currently 41% of the money necessary to pay for the programs in our nation’s yearly budget is being borrowed from outside sources. That’s forty-one cents on every dollar this nation spends.
  • As much as 10% of our yearly budget is going to pay interest on the current debt.

If you’d like more information about exactly what lies before us in terms of the burden from the national debt, You can learn more at http://momthink.org/blog/. Starting next week, I’ll kick off our 2011 Moms and Money series with video and blog posts, printable and more every week to keep you thinking about what works best for you and how you can succeed. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to make 2011 your year for being the “Mom who Manages Money with Her Mind”.

Disclaimer: I’m honored to have been invited to join fellow social media moms to participate in the MomThink.Org Project in 2011. As part of our commitment to help share information with Moms regarding the National Debt and other topics impacting our nation, its future, and the impact on future generations, I will participate in a meeting in Washington, DC in January 2011. My only compensation to participate in this effort is a stipend to cover my travel needs for that meeting and am not required to post any information prior to the event.

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