#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Today is all about a tween and teen room makeover, taking that well loved but likely under used playroom and putting it to good use. When your kids are home in the summer, one area they might spend a lot of time in is your playroom. But what happens when no one’s using the space or it just isn’t outfitted in the way that it needs to be. That’s where we found ourselves. We started the process back in the winter of playing with the items we had and just in time for summer we really pulled it all together and I’m sharing my ideas for freshening up and re-organizing what you have to make this space work well for you. Please note that while I may mention retailers where we found key products, this is not a sponsored post but I know that you’ll likely be curious where certain products came from. So here I my tips for how to #DIY your playroom into a tween and teen room your family will love!

Decide how the space will be used.

For us this room serves not only the purpose of being what was a playroom and is now a tween and teen room but also a guest room. Thanks to my in-laws have a day bed with a trundle that lets us do that beautifully anytime we have guest. I found some great daybed specific bedding that includes bolsters that make the bed look more like a couch and tossed some big throw pillows on to encourage everyone to use it as a sitting area when it’s not being used for guests.

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Save money by using colors already in the room.

You’ll notice that I have a lime green, navy and white color scheme.  I can’t afford to repaint right now but when I do, I’ll stick with the green walls because this color scheme is trendy and made it easy to transition to new accent colors to update the room.  I’m waiting on a window treatment for the future but was able to pull in the color easily in other ways.

Freshen and personalize decor with accessories and photos.

I found some great lamps at Target with a very trendy shade that the kids love.  They’ve got a fillable base where we can add seashells with each and every trip to the beach ~ somewhere we love to be.  And then because this is the kids room, its a great space to have some of their pictures so here is where we’ve got those fun school picture frames where you add the picture every single school year.  I used to have the kids baby pictures in this room but when it comes to teenagers, that’s not really happening anymore.

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Repurpose and reposition the furniture pieces.

Nine years ago when we bought this house we purchased two wall organization units from the same group and used them on two different walls, one for the “older” kids and one of for the “little” kids.  So we reoriented the room, taking the one unit in full and shifting the wall that it rests on creating a media unit complete with chairs that recline so you can watch a movie or game in comfort. The kids are deciding what they want to do with the decor around that unit but its as simple as it can be right now.

Keep a play space for as long as your kids want one.

In the name of repurposing, we deconstructed the other unit to create a simple play space to accommodate my daughter’s love of playing school.  Not intrusive to the rest of the decor, it enables her to have some fun with her friends when she wants to use this room that is non-media focused.  It also blends easily matching the decor so that when the teens are here, its not noticeable as a younger child’s play area like a Barbie house would be.

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Use store bought items in unexpected ways.

My favorite byproduct of deconstructing the 2nd unit has to be making a window bench out of the base.  We simply added three pillows to the top that are actually dog bed pillows ~ YES!!! ~ from Stienmart. Just $19 there are the perfect size and saved me a TON of money not having to do custom cushions and finishing off the room with more of that navy accent that I love having in the mix.

So these are the things that I’ve done to convert our once playroom to now a tween and teen room.  Its not something grand, in fact its just as multi-purpose as it ever was being a guest room, a place to watch movies, a place for friends, a place to game, a place to play, a place to play board games, and a place to just hang out. So if you are working on a playroom makeover not just changing the decor but changing its purpose tell me…

What are you most focused on as you makeover your playroom to a tween and teen room?

We’ve got a great Tween and Teen Room Pinterest Board with all kinds of ideas for your project.  I hope you find some wonderful inspiration there as you plan this very fun #DIY project just perfect for the month of July.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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