#DIY JULY ~ Family Photo Projects

#DIY JULY ~ Family Photo Projects

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I’m so excited for our final #DIY JULY because it’s the one that has made such a big difference in helping me both get organized and be creative all in one! Today we are talking about your family photos. Summer is a fantastic time to work on these because you are likely both generating a ton of new pictures and you need something fresh to offer your family today once it gets really hot and the kids are tired of doing the same thing they’ve been up to all summer long. Of course I’m happy to go to the pool every day I can but for my kids its time to mix it up. So check out my tips for how to use those family photo projects as a great activity during your hot and time to do something different time of July!

Use family photos to create a decorative piece of memorabilia.

Make a poster board of pictures from your child’s last sports season and then mount it in a poster frame. You’ll have a fun keepsake that your child will love helping you make and it is a perfect piece of artwork for their room or the family bonus room.

Have a dedicated printer for memorabilia projects.

Thanks to the team at HP and my participation on the HP Moms Panel, having the HP ENVY 5530 in my office has completely revolutionized my ability to get organized when it comes to memorabilia. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times I don’t do picture organizing well but it all comes down to instant gratification. With the HP ENVY 5530 all set up and ready to go, all I need is the right size photo paper and I’m good to go, able to print out any picture I need anytime I want to. So I’ve got plenty of paper in various sizes to make it easy to enjoy those thousands of pictures just waiting to be shared.

Make mobile photos fun by using apps to print photos on demand.

Think about the arts and crafts and activities your kids love to do and how to incorporate pictures into those. From taking mobile pics while at the park to having a summer cookout at a friends home, between the app on your phone and the ability to take the printer to another location thanks to its small size and easy connectivity, you can print pictures on demand during play dates or special events too. Nothing like a keepsake on the go!

So if you are looking for a great #DIY JULY project the entire family can enjoy, drag out those family photo boxes or start printing your favorite pictures right off your phone and get started creating keepsakes that will last a lifetime. For me, having the right photo friendly printer was the game changer and I can’t say enough about the HP ENVY 5530 so check it out if you need a nudge to get started. If you have the printer, you’ll print and enjoy the pictures I promise! Tell me…

Do you include your kids in family photo projects?

What do you create?

If you love to pin we’ve got a great Photo Organizing Tips Board to get you motivated to tame the family photo beast and you’ll find all kinds of tips for what to do with all those keepsakes on our Memorabilia Organizing Tips Board too. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. As a participant in the HP Smart Moms Panel I received an HP ENVY 5530. My choice to both use it and include it in this post is entirely my own. That said, oh my word is it a game changer for my organized world!

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