#DIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

#DIIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to summer, we spend a ton of time outside. I love the fresh air, the warm sun, and I love to entertain. So our deck truly becomes an extension of our living space and in North Carolina, that really lasts 3 seasons long. So this summer our screened porch has been the epicenter for some very special family events and that meant it was time for a long over due deck refresh.

Please note that this is an entirely unsponsored video but I am going to mention the products that we used that made all the difference in giving our deck a facelift to make it a room we could not love more. Check it out!

Refresh the deck painted wood with Mold Armour.

The first step was evaluating the wood on the spindles, rails, and supports. We used Mold Armour to see if we needed to re-paint and by the grace of God, thankfully all the pollen, spider webs, and mold spots came right off.

Refresh the deck floor with Olympic Rescue It.

We knew we were done with power washing and staining the deck ~ honestly who loves that project every year? So we chose Olympic Rescue It which covered the flooring permanently, giving it a texture and it’s now painted wood giving us a nice beachy backdrop to our porch.

#DIIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck


Refresh the deck wood furniture with Valspar Exterior Paint.

While I wish I had a budget for brand new furniture, such was not the case. So this project was all about the painting. I had benches, chairs, and the table to tackle and it was all about the paint. I choose to alternate white for the benches and table and fire engine red for 2 accent chairs on the porch to match to adirondack chair on the deck area and I could not love the way they make the entire space pop. Honestly I would have chosen all red but my family had a fit so there is that.

#DIIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

Refresh the deck decor with decorative Americana themed cushions.

Once we had everything painted, it was time to cover up. I found fabulous chevron print cushions at a local outdoor living store called Carolina Pottery. I also am smitten with all things Americana and scored some super cute American Flag pillows from Kohls to give just a dash of red white and blue. The other consideration around this red and white theme is it really works all year long for any kind of decor. That way when I put away my Americana decor in the winter, it will still look complimentary to the rest of the house as part of your view.

#DIIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck


Refresh the deck ambience with twinkle lights from Walmart.

If you have a deck, you have to have twinkle lights and I was beyond excited to find these at Walmart of all places ~ $12 for 36 globe lights on a strand! If you have priced these lately you know what a steal this is and they give just the right look for endless evenings enjoying family and friends.

So there you have it ~ our #DIY July deck refresh! While my husband and I had a short time to tackle this project thanks to a social event that meant game on, I still loved doing it and am really happy with the result. We found solutions to work with our budget and ideas and find the entire family spending time outside whenever we can. Selfishly, I could not love it more when we are together playing a board game or just having a chat and that this space invites both of those things is priceless. Tell me…

Do you spend time on your deck? Is it ready for a refresh?

If you are avoiding your deck because its too much to manage, your missing out on one of the best places for making summer memories your home may have to offer. If you love to pin, check out our Outdoor Living Ideas Board on Pinterest for a collection of some of my favorite ideas and I hope you you hare having a great #DIY July ~ see you next time!


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  • Sarah @ 2paws Designs July 29, 2014, 9:05 am

    Love the red chairs! Need to keep that in mind when we finally give our deck and backyard some attention.

  • Helen July 13, 2015, 4:51 pm

    I’m not allowed to paint our balcony because we live in a student complex, but I wanted to make some changes to make it feel more welcoming. There had to be some major cleaning done first because students aren’t good at taking care of their living spaces. I wasn’t sure of the best way to remove mold, but I spent a lot of time scrubbing the floor to remove all the dark mud and mold. Now it is clean and I have added several plants and hanging decorations from the roof.

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