#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets Product Solution

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com

Welcome to the final video for our Funky Spaces #DIY Hall Coat Closet Series. We are in my house and you can see that this hall coat closet is the ultimate funky space thanks to this crazy ledge that completely stands in the way of using the space efficiently. You might recall that my goal in partnering with EasyClosets.com for this project was to create a space that we could actually work with. We had to move the hanging bar so we could access the depth of the closet to maximize any storage solutions and we needed to make sure to create a safe room in the event of a tornado. Because we don’t have a basement, even though we don’t have tornados often in North Carolina, this interior closet underneath my stairway is all I have to work with. So check out what we did!

First we designed a coat storage solution and installed it across the back wall. Notice that one side of the unit places the hanging bar much higher to accommodate longer and heavier coats we don’t use as often. The other hanging bar is set lower to make sure our daughter can reach her coats if she needs them. Now remember this isn’t our primary location for every day coats. You may recall my first Funky Spaces Series created our Drop Zone and its that space that holds the coat you are grabbing as you run out the door every single day. So in reality, when it comes to coats, this isn’t the space your in and out of all that often and having the coats against the back wall works perfectly for us.

Next, notice all that fabulous storage space I have up high? I’m LOVING it for seasonal decor storage. I’ve got throw pillows I’m not using right now but will pull out once the holidays are over. I’ve got a place to store artwork that may come down during the holidays to make room for seasonal wall decor. And did I mention I like to mix it up and use LOTS of different candles? I might have a problem ~ but now at least I have the prefect space to store them. And our hall coat closet smells really nice too!

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com

Remember when I mentioned that I had a wide open wall begging to be utilized? We couldn’t work with the right side wall due to the electrical box ~ too many issues. But we had a clean slate to add a valet space for my husband. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this solution. He’s got a nice big shelf to stack his “stuff”…

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com

…and his own personal drawer to store whatever he wants.  You can see right now its electronics accessories. I’m just so happy its not in other random places that I know I don’t want it to be.

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com

We can use the other drawer for quick access to mittens and gloves but the reality is we’ll more likely just have those in a basket on the ready over in the Drop Zone. He’s got plenty of space for whatever he never really knows where to put when he comes in from his day.

One of my biggest concerns about putting a unit on this wall would be that its depth would feel like it blocks the space behind it. And it actually held up the completion of the project for about 2 weeks because I really hesitated while my husband was all in knowing he’d finally have a storage place of his own. But now that it’s in, I can promise you its not an issue at all. As a family, we just don’t need access to the contents of this closet nearly enough for it to be an issue ~ its all seasonal. So the decision to really leverage that wall space to create a personal valet is genius for us. My husband also stores his computer bag and any other random items he may need underneath out of the way ~ my 4 favorite words! And we’ve got more easy access seasonal decor storage than I ever dreamed of while having the perfect nook to store our vacuums and steam mop ~ that makes me all kinds of happy.

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com

And one of my favorite unexpected outcomes of this project has to be the realization that I could store our year round gift wrap supplies in a simple rolling storage bin just underneath the coats.  Not something I keep a ton of on hand, still I’ve always fussed about wanting to have an easily accessible first floor location for this and just like that ~ well once we totally overhauled this closet ~ my simplified gift wrap center appeared before my very eyes!

#DIY Hall Coat Closet EasyClosets.com Product Solution | gomominc.com


Funky spaces can be super tough to envision every actually working well. If you work with the EasyClosets.com design tool and consult with one of their very talented designers too (its FREE!) you’ll be amazed at how you can transform your funky space into a dream closet too!

If an organized home really is all you want for Christmas, make sure to stop by EasyClosets.com for up to 25% off during end of the year holiday sale.  It ends TODAY so get on over there and check it out!  If you are looking for hall closet design inspiration, check out our Entryway Organizing Tips Pinterest Board for some of my favorite finds.  And check out our Entryway Drop Zone series to see how awesome that space turned out to be too.  As I’ve said before, with a little advance planning, these projects are so totally doable in a weekend once you have them in hand. You’ll be amazed at how efficient the EasyClosets.com process is and I promise you will love the outcome! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  special thanks to EasyClosets.com for providing product for this project.  All organized thoughts are entirely my own.

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  • Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} December 10, 2014, 11:38 am

    This looks AMAZING! I bet you feel ready to tackle the world now that you’re all organized!
    Our new house has great closet space – but just a few rods hanging up. We could do SO MUCH MORE!!!

    • Molly Gold December 18, 2014, 4:30 pm

      Its amazing how much you can do with a little planning Melissa! A new house is bliss for a organized clean slate ~ have fun making it shine!

  • Jo-Lynne Shane December 10, 2014, 11:38 am

    This is brilliant. I LOVE IT!!

    • Molly Gold December 18, 2014, 4:29 pm

      Thanks so much Jo-Lynne! We think it turned out pretty awesome too =)

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