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Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

The world of competitive youth sports lives and dies on tournament play.  And for a busy Team Mom, there’s nothing better than a well organized tournament with on site services to make your job easier and keep your players and parents happy as well.  Some years, those can seem hard to find.  Thanks to the amazing team at ESPN Wide World of Sports, in July of 2013 I attended the Disney Sports Festival Media Event. While there, we were given an insider’s point of view for how Disney Sports works with Team Moms (and Dads) to facilitate tournaments either as host organizations or as teams in attendance.  Check out what we learned about the incredible on site services found at ESPN Wide World of Sports to make every team’s experience a home run!

Not my first visit to ESPN Wide World of Sports, I was honored to visit this tournament heaven during the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I was so impressed with the Game Day Photo Service, extensive video products thanks to ESPN, and the comprehensive resources available for Team Moms and spectators alike. While attending the Disney Sports Festival Media Event, we were introduced to some guest focused services that blew me away.  Many of them sponsored by companies who have partnered with Disney in a variety of ways, there is no stone left unturned in making sure that Team Moms, players, and their fabulous fans are taken care of in every way.  Take a look…

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Parking Lot Athlete Bag Drop

As the mother of a catcher all I can say is AMEN!!! My boy has been carrying his bag from the day he picked up a glove but the older they get, the bigger the bag and when it comes to a tournament at a complex like ESPN Wide World of Sports, you might have a long way to go before you reach your warm up cages or first field of the day.  Disney cast members ticket and transport bags from the parking lot to the field making it easy for athletes to get their gear where it needs  to go.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

HESS Sports Fields Guest Station

If your athlete plays an outdoor sport, you are well versed in bringing tents for shade, water misting personal fans to keep cool, and all kinds of other accessories to make your time in the stands as comfortable as it can be.  Thanks to well chosen corporate sponsorships, HESS Sports Fields are well equipped to take spectator comfort to the next level. From tent mounted ceiling fans and cooling stations to ample seating, everyone can take a break from the heat.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

HESS Station Video Monitors Broadcasting Events

The one thing that keeps Team Moms from cooling off or taking a break is not wanting to miss their child play. After all, its why you are here.  Well thanks to the on-site ESPN Broadcast Center, you just might get lucky enough to see that game on the big screen.  The entire facility is outfitted with numerous screens to make it possible to not miss a minute no matter where you might be on the complex.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Champion Custom T-Shirt Truck

It wouldn’t be a tournament without a t-shirt right?  Well hold onto your hat because not only is there an extensive custom t-shirt facility in the Joyner Center, but Champion also offers mobile custom t-shirt trucks field side!  Because the complex is so large, it might be challenging to scoot back up to the main building to get that special custom t-shirt product for your player or guests.  Having mobile custom t-shirt trucks makes it a snap for Team Moms to stay on top of the memorabilia to-do list without missing a game.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Meals on the Go

I have never understood amateur athletes who can eat junk food and somehow play to their top potential.  As I’ve mentioned, our oldest is a catcher.  There is simply no way he can afford to eat anything that doesn’t fuel and hydrate his body for his best performance on the field.  However one big challenge for Team Moms is making meals accessible that are not only healthy and affordable but totally mobile.  Depending on your schedule, you just might not have the chance to leave the field for healthier fare and often you are restricted from brining in your own coolers full of better options.  ESPN Wide World of Sports makes it easy to field your team field side by offering boxes lunches with an extensive list of food items to choose from.  Team Moms can order these to be delivered directly to the team making it as comfortable and convenient as possible for everyone involved.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Tournament Services

Office Max Business Lounge

Just because you’ve left town doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities to tend to. Add to that your Team Mom tournament to-do list and you can see how big this job just became.  Thanks to the Office Max Business Lounge, its easy to stay on task.  Not only is it a cool place to relax and get away from the crowd, it has all the typical business center amenities you need no matter what you need to tackle.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Lock Box Charging Station

Nothing worse than losing your charge…except having to babysit your phone while you wait for it to come back to life.  I am smitten with this lock box charging station because not only is it supervised by the incredibly helpful Business Lounge Staff but you can leave your device under lock and key while it charges!!! Freedom is king and while its a bummer not to have some mobile juice, its great to know you can recharge with independence too.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

Personalized Poster Making Station

Last but not least, bring on your cheer!  I love the personalized poster making station because its not only a stocked with Sharpies in EVERY SINGLE COLOR but its a great activity for siblings, parents, and fellow teams who might also be on property in a different division.  Its always great to have a sign with your name but even better when your biggest fans can make it truly your own.

You know my love for Disney runs deep and the thing that stood out most to me during this part of our Disney Sports Festival Media Event is just like anywhere on Disney property, its all about the Disney Promise ~ taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary each and every day, on guest at a time.   Making sure that things you might never notice happen as flawlessly as possible.  Making sure your visit to Disney Parks and ESPN Wide World of Sports is as clean and comfortable as can be.

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

You might not know that gum is not allowed or sold anywhere on Disney property.  This is to insure that the park grounds stay as clean as is humanly possible.  Gum is a mess, sticky, and starts a domino of all kinds of cleaning issues.  This picture above makes it clear how important it is that even at Champion Stadium where baseball games are won and lost, nothing will stop cast members from keeping the gum at bay. While the Road to Disney might seem far away thanks to the many tournaments you’ll play before you get there, I can promise you a tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports just might be the best destination sporting event your athlete AND your family experience.

This post is part of a series designed to show Team Moms what its like to participate in a tournament hosted by or held at ESPN Wide World of Sports. I hope you find it helpful as you plan your team’s travel tournament schedule this year. For more tips from around the web, stop by Pinterest to check out our Team Mom Tips Board ~ we hope you love what you see there.

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Disclosure: Special thanks to Disney Sports for inviting me to attend the Disney Sports Festival Media Event. I was not asked to post at anytime and my pixie dusted observations about the event are entirely my own. Clearly, I am a huge fan and have been since my Walt Disney World College Program Days. To see the magic of Disney encompass the passion of youth sports is a wonderful thing.

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