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Disney Social Media Moms On the Road ~ Charlotte, NC!

Disney Social Media Moms On the Road
Charlotte, NC September 14, 2012

This week, I am so very excited to be attending Disney Social Media Moms on the Road! Almost 6 months later, its like a nice little midyear visit to refuel on Pixie Dust.  A new event offered by the amazing team that created The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I expect to be nothing less than completely blown away. After all, its just how Disney rolls. A few unique things about this event ~

1. Its being held in select host cities across the country and lucky for me, one of them is in my home state of North Carolina in the city of Charlotte (we’ll work on moving that to Raleigh next time!). Other cities currently scheduled are Houston and Long Island and Social Media Moms all over are hopeful there will be more.

2. The agenda is full of online influencers chosen for their ability to inspire attendees through stories of entrepreneurship, drive, and success. Its heavy on business education and inspiration and this can only be awesome.  As a small business owner for more than a dozen years, keeping my cup full of positive influences makes all the difference in my ability to succeed.

3. One of the Keynote Speakers is Shannon Miller, a fellow Mom who just happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist, Health Advocate, and Cancer Survivor. Her journey has been full of not just once in a life time success but hardship and I can’t wait to hear her speak.

A half day instead of multi-day format, free to those invited, and in our own backyards ~ I can’t think any better way to make it easy to say “I’m there!” I’ll look forward to sharing all the magic via Twitter, FB, and right here on our site so stay tuned for all kinds of pixie dust that only Disney can provide!

Wondering what The 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was all about? Take a sneak peek here….

Today I’m at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration ~ its conference day and we are learning from some of the thought leaders in our industry. I have to say its one of those meetings where they take you up to 30K feet and all you want to do is work on your brand, the possibilities, balance your life, and make all your dreams come true.

What’s been just so consistent is the story of the cast members and I want to share with you a little touch of just what that means. We have a friend who is celebrating a birthday today ~ all it took was a simple ask of the chef to see if we could get a cake for our friend and sure enough, just like that a cake showed up.

We go back to the thought about what is it that makes dreams come true? At Walt Disney World and in every inch of this company, what makes dreams come true is the ability to deliver on the Disney Promise ~ that cast members make everything magical and to make you feel inspired that you can achieve your dreams.

Little touch along the way each and every single day ~ my daughter picked out a secret pin at Pin Traders, she didn’t like it, and without even a second thought the cast member at the cash register pulled out her pins and said “Why don’t we do a pin swap?” and this kept my daughter completely happy.

One story after another of how the guest experience and guest interaction takes you back to that “Oh my gosh this could NOT be any better!” So far so good in terms of our learning and we’ll have more soon!

Tell me…

When is the last time you visited Walt Disney World?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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