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Creative Party Favors for 4th of July

I love entertaining for 4th of July!  I’m that Mom at the pool all day who invites anyone who is hanging around to the cookout she has  planned.
I’ve even been known to move my cookout to the pool and make an impromptu gathering of neighbors and friends.  And while its easy to theme the food and entertainment, coming up with creative party favors and non-firework activities for kids can be difficult.  Here are a few of my favorites for summer 2011.
  1. FyrFlyz: A fun new toy this season, its a cross between a modern day Yo-Yo and a Spirograph, making fun shapes as you spin and pull the strings on either end.  As you can tell from the video, its fun for kids of all ages, including Moms.
  2. Crayola Glow In The Dark Sidewalk Chalk: We used a coupon to purchase this at the beginning of the summer and our daughter and her tween friend LOVED it!  It requires you to actually mix and mold the chalk which is best for older kids.  The final product glows brightly and makes for beautiful artwork no matter where you are.  Caution,  once you use the package, its gone, so stock up ~ you need a lot on hand  for extensive coverage like that shown in the video link.
  3. Glow in the Dark Patriotic Tattoos:  Leave it to Oriental Trader to deliver when it comes to Patriotic Tattoos.  Kids love to have tattoos or face painting in a festive environment so make it easy for them by setting up a station that  makes it fun.
The list is long for safe glow in the dark games and toys that can  help you light up the night with safety in mind.  How do you illuminate  your kids’ experience on 4th of July?
Disclaimer:  I was handed a FyrFlyz toy during a reception at TypeAParent 2011.  I thought it was a scream so I did a quick video. Once I got home, I realized it was the perfect tease for a post about Creative Party Favors for 4th of July and the need for safe ideas that light up the night.  Clearly, my opinions and choice to post are entirely my own.

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