Cool Features in the 2012 Honda CRV

By now you may know that last fall I had the honor to attend the 2012 Honda CRV Ride and Drive.   A long time fan of the brand with a soon to be licensed teen driver, I was delighted to have the opportunity to interact with the brand up close and personal and when relevant, have chosen to share tidbits I think will be useful to you.  In this case, its all about cool features you had no idea existed and end up loving every bit.  While on the drive, we had a stopping point to get refreshed and much to my surprise, I ran into a gentleman named Chris Naughton. A Honda team member from the Mid-Atlantic, I had the chance to work with him on my Honda Odyssey Disney Social Media Moms Project.  A human encyclopedia about the assets in every Honda vehicle, he took a few minutes to share with me some features not yet shared in our time to get to know the vehicle and I think you’ll find them really AH-HA worthy.

1. Retractable Cargo Cover ~ When used traditionally, you can store items underneath and they can’t be seen. The great innovation here is if you only have a few grocery bags, you can create a cargo wall with the same accessory.

2. When you use the 3 point seat belt for the middle passenger, its kept in the ceiling until you need it. Designed to keep it out of the way until you need it, you can pull it down to the center position and insert it into two buckles to create a 3 point harness…not typically found in middle rows in any car.

So just in case this hasn’t raised your cool meter, Honda took it off the hook this week by releasing its SuperBowl Game Day Commercial on You Tube.  If you were alive in the 80s ~ you have to agree that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is arguably on of the best movies ever.  Period.  Check out Matthew Broderick’s Day Off here ~ hilarious and leave us all wishing for the sequels of Ferris today.

What’s the coolest feature you’ve ever found in a car? How about your coolest movie?

Disclosure: Thanks to American Honda for including me in the 2012 Honda CRV Ride and Drive. My travel and accommodations were provided, I was not compensated for my time nor asked to post. We’ve been long time fans of the brand, dating back to my husbands first car, a Honda Prelude. And how can you not love a brand that brings back Ferris…or the next best thing?

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