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Molly Gold

Photo by Jenn Hethcoat

GO MOM!® Inc President and Founder, Molly Gold offers consulting for brands and destinations. She specializes in brand and social media strategy, integrated marketing campaigns, special events, community engagement, and product development.

With a more than 13 years behind her as a brand owner working in consumer products, mass market, and license relationships, Molly gets brand marketing.  She can work with you to create integrated media campaigns and grow an interactive community.  Always ready with a calendar in hand, Molly’s project minded perspective makes establishing and executing website/blog editorial calendars a breeze.

A natural at community engagement, Molly is a key asset in establishing your presence and building communities on Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Google +, Facebook and more..  She is well versed in Mom targeted consumer products and what it takes to create, launch, and grow a brand in the consumer products and service markets.   She loves collaborating on product development, brand placement, growing product lines and creating a long term story.   Above all, Molly’s Mom next door personality makes it easy to engage community members daily to connect, educate and support product experience insuring that when you meet her in real life, you’ll feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime.

It is fair to say that for Molly, special events and project management are second nature. Before college, Molly planned her high school senior class spirit week.  Before marriage, Molly was the social chair for her sorority.  Before motherhood, Molly spent 7 years as a professional meetings and trade show manager.  Her attention to detail and ability to navigate events from every angle makes Molly a valuable resource at every turn.

Dedicated. Creative. Genuine.  Respected.

Successful partnerships~ its how its done.



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