Color Coding with Storage Bins and Labels

Color Coding with Storage Bins and Labels
Today we are talking about how to use labels and storage bins to better organize your home. Who doesn’t have a house full of items that they wish might be better organized? C’mon let’s face it ~ even for an organization expert like me, there are always things that could use a tidy up or that could benefit from being better stored. So today I want to share my favorite tips for using storage bins and labels to help you as you are working on that next project in your busy home.  Special thanks to Mabel’s Labels for granting me permission to share this video from my time spent as their 2013 Household Labels Expert.

Use storage bins in varying shapes and sizes.

One bin doesn’t fit all. As a matter of fact, its best to have bins that fit the items you want to store in them so that you can define the amount of storage real estate you want to give to them. A great example is labeled arts and crafts bins. I’m making it clear that by labeling them, if they can’t fit inside the container dedicated to than you have too much. A labeled bin naturally defines the space and encourages you to edit the contents on a regular basis so they fit nicely.

Choose bins with a clear base.

A clear base helps you see what’s inside the bin. Not only in its contents but in its quantity to see if you need to restock. Sometimes you might choose to upsize. Depending on the craft supply, if you use a lot of one particular item, you might choose to move that supply to a larger box simply because you go through so much of it even when you buy it in bulk. This is always okay when we are talking about items you use often.

Color code bins by function or by person.

Color coding bins is always a good thing. While single color lids look great from a decor perspective, they are well used when they identify related items such as arts and crafts or dress up items. Even more fun is to assign the related items to a person. If you child loves pink, then clear bins with pink lids is as easy as it gets.

Choose labels that are both durable and descriptive.

The icing on your organized cake is all about the label. Choose a label that will stay on the container and easily identify what is inside. Mabel’s Labels has a wonderful selection of household labels helping you customize literally anything in your home. So as you look at each space in your house, consider how well labeling those storage bins could make a huge difference in how much you keep and how much you get rid of, how much you maximize the space you have to work with. and how well you enjoy the things you keep in your home.

As you can tell from the selection above, I have a weak spot for all kinds of storage bins and firmly believe the more colorful while transparent the better.  After all, organizing should be nothing if its not fun.  I’d love to know…

Do you use color coded storage bins in your home? If so, how do you label them?

As always, thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!


Disclosure:  The video used in this post was created for Mabel’s Labels while contracted as their 2013 Household Labels Expert.  Permission was granted by the brand to use the video in this independent post not connected to the project.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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