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If you are the Mom of a high school sophomore, junior, senior, or rising college freshman, it’s time you discovered the GO MOM!® College Bundle! With two sons in college, one about to wrap up junior year and a second midway through his first, I’m just like any Mom in this stage ~ figuring out how to navigate this VAST to-do list while raising up independent young adults.  And it’s been CRAZY!

GO MOM! Printable College Bundle | gomominc.com

Four years (how is that possible?) of researching, learning, testing, deciding ~ so much information, so many can’t miss deadlines, so many choices, and oh my word don’t even get me started about the rollercoaster of emotions!

Here is the thing about life events.  They bring out that Mama Bear nesting tornado me.  In an effort to somehow control what I can’t ~ my kids are grown up and leaving ~ I outsmart the organizational chaos. As I look back over each of our products, it’s clear that my personal mothering milestones equate to creating products. So once we shared the FREE College Packing List Printable, the GO MOM!® College Bundle was inevitable.

You know how I love my Bundles ~ they are my GO MOM!® babies!  But I might venture to say that for this season in my life, the GO MOM!® College Bundle is my favorite of all!  I put all that get organized for college goodness into one fabulous, colorful, most importantly truly useful printable bundle and exhaled.  Because really, more than any other stage, it most definitely is NOT about me but about helping my grown sons take charge of their futures.

GO MOM! College Mom Bundle

Just like every other GO MOM!® Bundle product, it’s SO easy to assemble! Print out your  GO MOM!® College Bundle have a 3 hole punch handy, and have your Sharpies or pens ready to go so you can color code like crazy. Make sure to also have a label maker, slash pocket tabs, and a 1/2 inch binder to put it all together. Don’t hesitate to make that binder as fun and fancy as you like ~ I just tend to choose what’s inexpensive and easy to grab. Once you slip that cover page in the front, you are off and running!


GO MOM® FREE Printable and Bundle Assembly Must Haves

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on how to set up a College Binder for both you and your student.  This is key for navigating the process as a team because after all, it’s your student who is headed off in the fall.  Now is the time to coach from afar.  I know…it’s hard!  But I promise our GO MOM!® College Bundle is a great starting point to calm those nerves.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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