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Christmas Eve traditions are where my childhood holiday memories begin.  So many special things to do on this special day, my heart is  full as we celebrate so many of those same traditions each and every year. One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is actually something I always wished my parents would do but it just wasn’t their thing ~  lighting Luminaries. A beautiful ritual from the desert southwest, my husband and I fell in love with how magical it makes our property look on this special night long before kids. Today we are blessed to live in a neighborhood where many of our neighbors light the way on Christmas Eve with an organized Luminary walk.

Oh so simple, here’s what you need:

Christmas Luminary Supplies

Christmas Luminary Supplies
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold


White paper bag, candle tall enough to burn for 3 to 5 hours, mixture of sand and kitty litter

How to Make Them:
Fill the bag with about 3 inches deep of the mixture to be sturdy and support the candle and the bag. We set a 3 hour window for the luminaries to be lit enabling our neighbors to enjoy them with a nice walk and if they come home from church, they can still enjoy them. I’m the one who leaves her Christmas lights on all night long so I like them to last at least until midnight.

And its as easy as that! Here is a snapshot of what our home looks like lit with luminaries.

Christmas Eve at the Golds

Christmas Eve Luminaries at the Golds
Copyright 2012 Molly Gold

I hope you consider adding this beautiful Christmas Eve tradition to your family rituals. We usually fill a wheel barrel with the sand mixture, my daughter right by my husbands side, and they have a wonderful time getting things all set for the night ahead. Its also a great way to get everyone outside to burn off some of that excited energy as they countdown to the arrival of Santa. Tell me…

What kinds of special traditions that might include your neighbors as you celebrate Christmas Eve?

Luminaries. We love them for all the magic and fellowship that they bring.  Below are my favorite finds from Amazon for the basic supplies, affiliate links included.  I’ve always found that more is best when it comes to bags and candles.

We wish you a truly magical Christmas holiday and thanks so much for stopping by!

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