Celebrate Earth Day with Butterflies in the Garden


Photo Credit Flickr, Kees Straver

Finding butterflies in the garden is always a delight! I can’t wait for them to return each Spring, amazed at their delicate wings and beautiful colors.  My daughter’s classroom is busy raising caterpillars into butterflies and the daily updates of their scientific observations is simply priceless.  The anticipation of the butterfly’s arrival is almost as intense as counting down the days to an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World and I’m thrilled to see her love for Science grow through long term experiments such as this.  Little does she know that to enjoy the same graceful visitors at home, its all about a well planned garden and Earth Day is a perfect time to start planting with butterflies in mind. Here are my tips to help you celebrate Earth Day with butterflies in the garden:

1. Visit a Butterfly House: To help your children understand the beauty and awe, take them to your local science museum to visit the Butterfly House.  An indoor natural habitat, you’ll find it full of species who aren’t shy.  In fact if you wear the right colors, you may find they take a rest on your shoulder or shirt.  But remember its always look don’t touch.

2.   Research Species: Learn what species are native to where you live.   I was amazed to learn there are 108 species of butterflies and moths that have been identified in my county and I now find myself eager to watch our garden with the goal of identifying and taking photos of as many as we can.

3.  Research Plants: Once you know what butterflies are common to your area, its time to research the kinds of plants that will encourage them to visit your yard.  Because I love perennials and aim for blooming color all year long, my yard is full of nectar plants like Butterfly Bush, Coneflower, Shasta Daisys and more. But my favorite host plant has to be Verbena. Planted near my office window among a host of other perennials, its a popular spot both for larvae and for grown butterflies to stop by.

4.  Plant and Enjoy: Kids love to garden.  From digging in the dirt to getting dirty, having the daily responsibility of caring for plants to the true reward of seeing things grow and bloom, gardening in our home has always been a win win.

Make Earth Day special by focusing on butterflies and how your yard can be a natural habitat to support many different species. If you really want to go the distance, consider a long term garden plan that will merit receiving a Certified Wildlife Habitat Designation from the National Wildlife Federation.  You might be surprised to learn that many of the plants you already have are just begging to host butterflies in the garden.  So tell me…

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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  1. Autumn04-22-12

    Earth Day is important to my family because it is the one day a year that we will be 100 percent dedicated to cleaning up our neighborhood and taking inventory on what we can do in our daily lives to improve our footprint on the world. It’s hard to stop and really think about our impact when we are always so busy, but on Earth Day, there is no excuse for ignoring the message behind this very special day.

  2. Sara at Saving For Someday04-22-12

    Earth Day is important to my family because my we use that day to share our message of decreasing our carbon footprint.

  3. Toni Roehlke04-23-12

    I tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/tfr55309

    • Toni Roehlke04-23-12

      Earth Day reminds those who forget that we have to respect the Earth. I’m glad that there are those that never forget, but it’s a good kick in the pants for those that seem to busy otherwise to pay attention!

  4. Jaclyn Z04-23-12

    I decided to comment on your Facebook fan page as well. Just look for a post from Jaclyn Z on 4/23. Happy Belated Earth Day!

  5. Jaclyn Z04-23-12

    Earth Day is important to my family because we respect our planet and try our best to always recycle and never waste. In addition, I have a personal reason it is special- it doubles as my life-long best friend’s birthday. In junior high, she and I wrote an Earth Day poem together for science class, which I still read every year on 4/22 as a fun reminder of how important she and Mother Earth are to me.

  6. shelly04-24-12

    Earth day is important to our family because it reminds us that we need to do our part more. We recycle as much as we can but there are other great ideas we can incorporate.

  7. Summer04-25-12

    Everyday should be Earth Day, but Earth Day reminds us how much more we can do and how everyone can pitch in and do their part. Thanks for the chance.

  8. Jay Dam04-27-12

    Hi there, I posted a comment on your FB in reply to the link leading here.

  9. Jay Dam04-27-12

    And also Earth Day is important to my family because its a holiday celebrated internationally so even though we have different opinions on most issues its something we can all appreciate and agree on. Thanks