Are Test Corrections the New Extra Credit?

Does your child's school offer the opportunity for test corrections? I have children that span middle school, high school, and college. When my oldest child was in middle school, he attended a private school that allowed students who performed poorly on tests to submit test corrections to raise their grade. When our middle son went to public middle school, he rarely had this same opportunity for poor test scores. Only when an entire class took a >> Read More

Why Your College Student Should Intern at Disney

If you are the parent of a college student, you know how important the right internships can be in opening doors for your young adult's future.  Not only through the experience they will gain but the exposure to different environments and the opportunity to get on the radar of their dream company too. And if they don't already have one scheduled for the summer, they may find it's time to look ahead to fall semester or >> Read More

How to Coach Your Child Through a Code Red

Have you ever thought about how you would coach your child through a code red?  I absolutely hate that I have not only thought about and discussed it with our kids but just recently had to put it in to practice too. While I'm all in for sharing tips and processes to help you better organized your world, this isn't a "How-to" post with any kind of expertise applied.  I have no idea if this is >> Read More

Easy Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

With the busy holiday season upon us, finding easy teacher gift ideas for our children to give is high on my list of time saving tips.  While not everyone may choose to gift at the holidays, we do and we thank every educator that our children come in contact with. That means homeroom, switch teachers, specials teachers, the carpool supervisor ~ you name them, my kids are thanking them. And that means not only is that >> Read More

Back to Campus with Barnes & Noble MasterCard

As the parent of high school and college students, back to campus shopping is never easy on the budget.  No matter how hard I try, there are always unexpected expenses that pop up and they often surround text books, study guides, and supplies.  Thanks to ResourcefulMommy Media for engaging me to write this sponsored post by the Barnes & Noble MasterCard, powered by Barclaycard, this fall I've got a few new tricks to try to keep those expenses >> Read More

Is Social Media Good for Schools?

The start of the new school year has arrived and this year I'm particularly aware of an increased use of social media by individual schools. And frankly, it has me asking if social media is good for schools at all. As an involved parent with kids in multiple schools (including college), I follow the Wake County Public Schools Twitter Feed. If you've never checked it out, it's particularly brilliant during exams and with weather delays. When the >> Read More

Back to School ~ 5 Spaces to Organize Now

August has arrived and if your kids haven't already gone back to school (I can't imagine but then you get out at by Memorial Day too which seems so unfair!) you feel the last days of summer surely nipping at your "want to relax and enjoy the summer" heels.  Stores are stocked to the ceiling with everything you need for the best school year ever. Which is fabulous. Really.  Nothing like all the back to >> Read More

Top 6 College Shopping Tips for Moms

Today its all about college shopping tips. It's overwhelming time in your life as a Mom and if you have a college freshman you know exactly what I mean…a LOT more tears and a lot less focus. But to know me is to know that whenever I go through things with my kids that require organizational prowess, I love to share them with you! So here is what I learned last year when we got our >> Read More

Back to School Bundle ~ Printables by GO MOM!

Have you heard the buzz about my favorite GO MOM!® printable at this crazy time of year? The  GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle is literally the ONLY way I can guarantee my own organized success. Seriously. Over the years I've shared all kinds of tips and insights about how to scale the insanely long to do lists that seem like they appear from no where (even though we knew it was coming all summer long!) and deal with >> Read More

A Mom’s Guide to Senior Year

  If you are the Mom of a high school senior, the back to school fall of his or her senior year takes those "My baby is all grown up!" mixed emotions to an entirely new level.  While this season in their lives has always seemed so far away, this fall is when the grown up rubber meets the road and its game on for you to be organized.  Seriously.  Your GO MOM!® DIY Planner is likely >> Read More