Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week

For Room Moms all over the country, its game on for deciding what to do for National Education Associations' Teacher Appreciation Week.  Because it so often falls the week before Mother's Day, it can be a busy time for volunteers at home and at school.  Most PTAs provide guidelines about required activities and in some schools, this can last all week long.  A few years ago, my daughter's school decided to mix things up and make >> Read More

A Mom’s Guide to Senior Year

If you are the parent of a high school Junior, right about now you are hitting the senior year wall.  Spring of Junior year means wrapping up the most challenging academic year yet and having gone through a lot of growth with your student. From first jobs to driver's licenses, later curfews and prom, its all about letting that leash out until you become somewhat untethered as they go out on their own soon yet still >> Read More

The Problem with Spring Break

Amen for Spring break! Ask any student, no matter how young or old, and they'll all tell you they can't wait for Spring break.  A week to sleep in, do fun things, perhaps travel with your family on a short or long trip, and just take a breather from the rigors of school. While little ones need a break for different reasons than older ones, universally this week in March or April is all kinds of >> Read More

Valentine Party Ideas for Room Moms

If you are an elementary school room mom, right about now you may find yourself scrambling for Valentine party ideas.  Volunteering is almost always more work than we anticipate and I'll be the first to give you a fist bump for saying yes to serving as the room mom either on your own or by default. But please don't ever feel bad if you find yourself behind the "not nearly ready to have the party" eight ball >> Read More

Easy Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

When it comes to teacher gift ideas for Christmas, I'm all about easy while making sure any gift is truly special.  As a room mom this means I've got my clever thinking gap (and Pinterest) on to find just the right item.  Because we've really only got a few weekends to pull things together before the class party chaos begins, its time to make sure I've got the basics in place before the first gift is >> Read More

A Classic Christmas with Stone’s Education and Toys

The holiday shopping season is upon us and I'm excited to get started finding the perfect gift for the ones I love. I'm one of those people who needs to actually be in the season before I can decide what I want to buy for everyone. I know, seems opposite of my organized ways, but I think for me this is really about tradition. I love to visit the stores when they are decorated from >> Read More

Last Minute Halloween Party Treats

Even though Halloween is weeks in the making, sometimes the best plans are the last minute ones you never expected. If you find yourself invited or hosting a last minute Halloween party, here are a few super easy ideas for party treats you can whip out in no time at all!  Above you'll see Halloween cupcakes ~ what makes them special are the themed cupcake wraps, sprinkles, and Halloween toothpicks. You can still grab this >> Read More

5 Tips for an Organized School Book Fair

October means its Scholastic Book Fair time and today we've got some first hand tips about how you can create a truly organized and successful school event. While I always volunteer for our book fairs, I've spent a few of those years serving in a leadership role and have come to find out there are a few key things to keep in mind no matter if you are simply volunteering to staff set-up, preview or buy days, or >> Read More

Planning for Fall Celebrations and Holidays

Come October, fall celebrations and holidays are everywhere I turn. As the leaves begin to change color and those colder temperatures settle in, I’m eager to keep our organized momentum going that we worked so hard to put into place all September long.  My family is busy so when it comes time for October, the excitement of the new school year that September really commands is swiftly traded for fall celebrations and holidays we all enjoy >> Read More

Senior Year Tips ~ How to Organize College Information

Today we are talking about how to organize college information. If you are the parent of a high school junior or senior, you are in the midst of the hunt for where your child is going to go to college. There are so many aspects of this search beginning with prepping for and taking the ACT and SATs, taking college tours, and then the application process and making that final decision. Because I see the >> Read More