Meal Planning Websites for Busy Moms

When it comes to new ideas for meal planning, stick me with a fork and call me done!  Just as busy as the next Mom, meal planning makes me twitchy because I don’t always have it down to a science.  And as a busy Team Mom, the part where I’m hardly home at dinner time most weeknights or on some weekends for that matter makes it even harder to give meal planning a second thought Read more

Funky Spaces #DIY Drop Zone Demolition

Today is our demolition day for our entryway to drop zone project with EasyClosets.com. I’ve emptied out the space of all it had stored but there are a couple of things that have to happen with this space before we can put in the system. And knowing what you need to do is a very important part of any project process you may have.  You have to really step back and ask yourself “What has Read more

Funky Spaces ~ #DIY Entryway Drop Zone with EasyClosets

Do you have a space in your home that no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work?  You know the kind of space I mean ~ all the organizing accessories in the world can’t overcome its fundamental design flaws and try as you might, you just can’t get it right. Well this week thanks to our partners at EasyClosets.com I am going to finally overhaul that exact spot in my house that hasn’t worked Read more

Pantry Ideas for Back to School

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then pantry ideas for back to school are the secret to a smooth start of an organized school year.  The pantry is not only all about organized storage but its also a launching pad for life skills.  When organized well, you’ll find your personal to-do list gets shorter while your children’s independence grows and when it comes to all the daily tasks coming back into your Read more

How to Make a #DIY School Planner

Today its time to talk about how to make a #DIY School Planner. August is the bomb for all things back to school and when it comes to that paperwork, its up to you, Mom, to give it a home. So here are my tips on how to make a DIY School Planner and be in charge of that paper before it buries you! Use a Binder I like a durable binder with a slick Read more

Back to School ~ Family Communication Station

Nothing says back to school like a fresh set of school supplies!  And for me, that means its time to give our family communication station a fresh set of all the key things we need to work well together for an organized year.  If you haven’t noticed, back to school is when you discover how well, or not well, your family organization systems really work. From basic communication about the calendar or chores to being on time for Read more

Back to School ~ How to Organize Kids Closets

Focusing on how to organized my kids closets is one of the first spaces I get ready for back to school. After a busy summer, kids closets can be the downfall of any organized home.  Thanks to the freedom and fun of all that activity, my kids always have some work to do to tighten up their space to get it ready in time for back to school. Because I’m a big believer in making Read more

Packing for College ~ How to Organize for a Downsize

Packing for college with a downsize in mind is not what most parents might think.  But moving to campus is a major life event that demands thoughtful organization. In this case involves both partnering with your student and staying focused on strategies to organize for a downsize.  Not only are you working with the logistics of packing, moving, and unpacking your student’s new life,  you are downsizing their possessions and limiting the extras in their life that Read more

3 Tips to Get Organized During a Heat Wave

Today we are talking tips to get organized during a heat wave.  When you can’t remember the last time you stepped outside without breaking a sweat within the first five minutes, that’s your sign its time to head back inside and find something else to do. Let’s face it, even the pool get’s too hot to be refreshing and if you want to take a bath, that’s better done at home anyway. So from my organized Read more

#DIY July ~ Tween and Teen Room Makeover

Today is all about a tween and teen room makeover, taking that well loved but likely under used playroom and putting it to good use. When your kids are home in the summer, one area they might spend a lot of time in is your playroom. But what happens when no one’s using the space or it just isn’t outfitted in the way that it needs to be. That’s where we found ourselves. We started Read more