Why I Deleted Facebook From My Phone

About a month into the summer, I deleted Facebook from my phone.  I KNOW!!!! I’d like to say I’m not sure what came over me, that it was crazy impulsive, that I regretted it instantly, that I almost died without it, that I simply had to have it back or I wouldn’t have a single friend….except that wasn’t exactly how it went down. Working in social media doesn’t make it easy to limit exposure to Read more

Why #RediscoverNature is on You Mom

Not a typical post today, but I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about the Nature Valley #RediscoverNature advertising campaign and I’m sure some of you won’t love what I have to say.  Have you seen the beautifully produced video “Nature Valley 3 Generations #RediscoverNature ? Check it out… A wonderful snapshot into generational memories, the #RediscoverNature video highlights three generations in a handful of families and asks the grandparent, parent, and Read more

Online Safety for Kids ~ Why it’s Worth the Fight

Online safety for kids is a tough topic in our house. With four laptops, a desktop, and that new frontier where everyone has a handheld device, we are constantly navigating how to raise young adults who can actually communicate face to face, stay focused on the task at hand, and not turn to their online world before they engage in the world before their eyes.  To know me is to know I’m an “in real Read more

A Summer Break from Blogging

Just in time for a busy July, I’m in the midst of a summer break from blogging. But here’s a hint ~ given the fact that I’m posting today and the fact that Back to School season is right around the corner (have you noticed school supplies in your local box box store yet?) my summer break from blogging is winding down. Completely unplanned ~ I know, I KNOW!!! ~ taking a break from blogging found me so Read more

Talking with Teens About Online Privacy

  When it comes to teens and social media, I’m a bit of a kill joy in my personal and professional circles.  I’m that  Mom who says “No you don’t need a cell phone in elementary school, you don’t need to text in middle school, and yes we will follow the terms of service age limits when it comes to social networks.”  So when Domain.Me asked me to write about taking control of your personal Read more

Snow Day Survival Tips for Busy Moms

If anyone knows how to juggle, it is busy Moms.  But when it comes to snow days, the bar goes up.  Much like those unexpected days when your kids are sick, snow days require adjusting schedules, managing work commitments, and increased household chores to keep things clean.  Yet depending on what the illness is, sick days can actually be easier to juggle than snow days.  You get windows to work while your kids rest and its easy to Read more

Cell Phone Rules for Teens and Parents

Its one thing to talk about cell phone rules for your teens.  But its an entirely different scenario to actually set them and then enforce them consistently.  And in this case, the cell phone rules you set for your teens are as important for you to follow as it is for them.  If ever there was a massive trap for the “Do as I say, not as I do.” parenting pitfall this is it. We’ve Read more

7 Tips to Get Ready for a Snow Day

When it comes to winter, the two best words in the world are “snow day!” All it takes is a remote chance that snow will fall and here in North Carolina, children are wearing pajamas backwards, putting ice cubes in the commode, and hoping upon hopes that when they wake up in the morning, there will in fact be snow for them to play in.  A snow day is the ultimate winter hall pass, letting you Read more

Why I’m Okay with Girl Scout Cookies

For much of the country, Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing.  And if you haven’t had a scout stop by your door, you’ve likely seen them staffing booths at many of your local stores. This year I agreed to serve as my daughter’s Girl Scout troop cookie Mom.  I have absolutely no interest in total sales, increasing sales, pushing my own girl to sell, or anything along those lines.  My daughter is smitten Read more

Teaching my Daughter to be Confident in Spite of Myself

You’ll notice the picture above isn’t me or my daughter.  This is simply because I don’t share pictures of my family here.  But occasionally I chose to post a conversation that involves them that I think really matters.  And when it comes to confidence, I think its an incredibly important topic as our children have so many influences to challenge their self worth. As the mom of two teenaged sons and a pre-teen daughter who are Read more