Why Goals are Better Than Resolutions

Welcome to your clean slate! 365 days to be your best self.  The question is, are you Team Goals or Team Resolutions!  It’s easy to see that I’m on Team Goals and this week is the perfect time to reflect and focus on the changes I’d like to make in my life and the goals setting I need to do to make that happen.  Nothing is off limits here. From personal items like health or wellness to Read more

Would You Live Stream Your Doctor’s Appointment?

Live stream video is everywhere. What used to be a unique form of communication for traditional and online media professionals has now become commonplace for any of us to use. One click and you can broadcast live to anyone in the world. But would you live stream your doctor’s appointment? I recently visited a highly regarded specialist in our area. The appointment took months to secure and I was eager to visit with her to learn more about the situation Read more

How to Make a Dream Board

Have you ever heard of a Dream Board? Years ago as a Mom with little ones, my husband and I stayed home on New Year’s Eve. Looking for something special to do beyond making resolutions, I decided to try a Dream Board and have been hooked ever since. A simple concept based on the Laws of Attraction, a Dream Board is meant to reflect not just what you want but how you want to feel.  Once Read more

Easy Donation Ideas for #GivingTuesday

Now that the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, #GivingTuesday is the best opportunity in the world to chase your holiday spend with generous giving. So easy to overlook at this expensive time of year, without even thinking about it families put charitable giving at the bottom of the holiday gift list.  I think it should be at the top. I fight hard to keep the spirit of giving focused on others and Read more

Why I’m Grateful for My Blog

2016 has been an interesting year. In an effort to improve our family finances, I took a new role working locally and found that I’m not the best at juggling that day job and my work in social media. Because I was learning a new role with the promise of a steady income, I scaled back my activity at GO MOM!®. But after a year, I’ve realized how much I have missed it, that 2017 means diving Read more

Why I Need to Take Time for Me

At the beginning of this year, I added a new and wonderful role to my work, designing home organization solutions here in the Raleigh area.  I LOVE what I do but can I just tell you something? I had no idea how bad I’d be about taking care of me! Like oh my word are you kidding me bad at taking care of me! Moms know that life comes at you fast and from the moment Read more

Juggling Work and Family and Not Doing it Well

Juggling work and family isn’t something I talk about often.  I’ve been blessed to work both from home and for myself for the last 16 years so I’ve had a great measure of control over how those two worlds collide and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.  While this lifestyle has come at great sacrifice financially compared to a full time career, it has afforded me the opportunity to be the stay at home Mom Read more

GO MOM!’s Year in Review ~ Our Top Posts for 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve! I simply can NOT believe that 2015 is coming to a close and as I look back on all this incredible year has held I am in awe, as always, at God’s grace and guidance as I make my way.  While I’m all in for helping you fine tune all things home organization and time management, I need goal setting guidance as much as the next Mom. And when it comes Read more

Teen Friendly Ideas for #GivingTuesday

The holidays are here and while I love to buy gifts family and friends, I’m ever mindful of how important it is to make sure that we give as much, or dare I say even more, than we get.  But let’s be honest ~ staying focused on giving can be drowned out by all the materialistic noise that this time of year has become defined by.  While I love to shop in the midst of the season, I Read more

Thank you from GO MOM!

Happy Holidays! We are officially in the Thanksgiving zone and as we turn the corner on this long weekend, before we get a minute further into the break that I hope we are all blessed to take, I want to say  THANK YOU so very much for being here with me!!! What started 15 years ago as an idea for a planner for Moms has grown into so much more than I could have ever Read more