How We Stopped The Elf on the Shelf

Time to clear there air. We stopped the Elf on the Shelf.  And I’m not ashamed to say that I could not be happier to be done with all the chaos it brought. After spending years having to remember to move that Elf at the end of each incredibly busy day throughout the holidays, I was secretly hoping every year that we could find a graceful exit for him to leave our holiday traditions forever.  Added not because Read more

Cyber Monday Deals for Busy Moms!

You might be surprised to learn that I don’t shop for the holidays all year long. In fact, I don’t shop for the holidays until they are here and because I often host Thanksgiving, shopping on Cyber Monday is my holiday shopping jam! So many of the items my family loves can be found online and I am all in for saving myself time while I save money too.  Because it’s easy to get overwhelmed Read more

Dorm Room Christmas Tree Kit

Does your college student have a dorm room Christmas tree?  Last year was our son’s first at college and we quickly learned that our holiday plans would need to be slightly altered to accommodate this new routine called college break.  That’s when it also dawned on me that he would need a Christmas tree for his dorm room. Okay need is relative but if you live with me, you NEED a Christmas tree no matter where you are Read more

Do Now Tips for an Organized Holiday

  No small surprise that when it comes to an organized holiday season, I’m on it! After all, that’s what we do here ~ we help you Outsmart the Chaos all year long.  And let’s face it ~ the holidays bring all kinds of chaos to our already busy table so the more organized tricks the better to tame this potentially crazy holiday beast.  Today’s “Do Now!” list focuses on a few key holiday tools and the tasks Read more

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween week has arrived it’s time to carve pumpkins!  Some years we’ve got all kinds of carving time and if that is the case, I love choosing elaborate carving designs. When done carefully, they are truly beautiful and so much fun light our way on Halloween night. As my children have gotten older, they’ve developed unique carving styles ~ no joke! One chooses the easiest possible design imaginable, another chooses designs so elaborate they rarely work out Read more

NEW Holiday Bundle + Get Organized for the Holidays FB Group

It is the first full week of October and that means it’s time to get your organized holiday on Mom!!!  Oh I know how busy you are with all the things Fall has to offer ~ living it girl! ~ but I’m telling you NOW is the time to get your organized holiday game plan in place. And this Fall I’m SUPER EXCITED to share two new ways we are here to help you do just that Read more

Teach Your Kids About Patriot Day

Please…teach your kids about Patriot Day and honor all that September 11, 2001 has come to symbolize for the United States of America. Last night I attended my high school senior’s Parent Curriculum Night. A great event designed for parents to experience a typical but quite shortened version of their student’s day and to take care of some key things like signing up for the online Parent Portal, PTA, Booster Club and more. While visiting Read more

11 Tips for a Great High School Graduation Party

High school graduation season is upon us and if you are anything like me, you’ll want this event to be as perfect as can be. Last year our oldest graduated from high school and I was amazed at what a meaningful time it was not just for him for for our entire family as well.  To celebrate this special time in our son’s life, we hosted a graduation party for family and our very closest friends Read more

How to Make an Easter Basket

Every year I can’t wait to make an Easter basket for each of my kids!  Always a special time of year to me, I love the promise of new life the Spring naturally brings, adorning our yard with blooming flowers, bushes and trees.  After a cold winter, this reminder that we can forever and always begin again speaks to my soul in the most powerful way.  And because I love to entertain, Easter is also Read more

#DisneySide Mary Poppins Book Club Party

To know me is to know how very much I LOVE all things Disney and pixie dust. So when I was selected to host a #DisneySide At Home Celebration focused on the special world of tweens, I was thrilled to engage my daughter to see what she might like to do. We received a fabulous kit from the Mom Select team full of supplies to support a villain based party theme but my girl had Read more