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National Donut Day Deals

It's the first Friday in June and that can only mean one thing ~ National Donut Day! While there is literally a holiday for most anything you can imagine, National Donut Day is a keeper for one simple reason ~ DONUTS! The timing for National Donut Day is perfection here in North Carolina. With the end of the school year just a week out and summer nipping at our heels, the opportunities to add donuts >> Read More

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Do you know what you want for Mother's Day? Thanks to Boise Paper, our Mother's Day Giveaway might be just the ticket to help you get exactly what you want! Mother's Day is almost here and if ~ like me ~ you are smitten with office products, you are going to LOVE our Mother's Day Giveaway. Thanks to Boise Paper, we have a $50 Office Depot gift card waiting to be shared. And because for me, May is all about keeping up >> Read More

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

St. Patrick's Day is the ultimate tag along holiday. No matter if you are Irish or not, it's all about wearing green at a minimum.  And if you are an adult who favors a cocktail or two, its can also include adult beverages. Lots of them. Which is altogether ironic because St. Patrick's Day is actually a religious holiday where Catholics honor St. Patrick and likely head out to mass too.  But because everybody loves a >> Read More

Tips for a Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party

For as much as I plan ahead, when it comes to New Year's Eve I'm all about the last minute party at home.  Surprising I know, but we have the biggest time without any of the fuss.  Everyone who gathers wants to be there. No one has expectations. And you ring in the New Year with the people who make love you most. When our kids were babies we spent New Year's Eve at home, celebrating early with >> Read More

Packing up an Organized Christmas for Next Year

Are you twitchy to take down your holiday decor? If you decorate on Thanksgiving weekend or even before, it's time to start packing up an organized Christmas for next year.  And because there is no way I want to spend the first day of the New Year doing chores and cleaning, our un-decorating process happens pretty swiftly. December 30th we put away all indoor decorations, window wreaths, living room tree, and porch decor. We leave the kids' tree up >> Read More

Fun White Elephant Gifts for Teens

I've never been a huge giver of white elephant gifts and I think I might be missing out.  I have friends who exchange them with family and friends and always share such fun tales about the gift exchange and what a great time everyone has.  I think I've always been too practical to start this tradition on my own.  But when it comes to teens, I'm finding ~ at least for our youngest ~  it's >> Read More

How We Stopped The Elf on the Shelf

Time to clear there air. We stopped the Elf on the Shelf.  And I'm not ashamed to say that I could not be happier to be done with all the chaos it brought. After spending years having to remember to move that Elf at the end of each incredibly busy day throughout the holidays, I was secretly hoping every year that we could find a graceful exit for him to leave our holiday traditions forever.  Added not because >> Read More

Cyber Monday Deals for Busy Moms!

You might be surprised to learn that I don't shop for the holidays all year long. In fact, I don't shop for the holidays until they are here and because I often host Thanksgiving, shopping on Cyber Monday is my holiday shopping jam! So many of the items my family loves can be found online and I am all in for saving myself time while I save money too.  Because it's easy to get overwhelmed >> Read More

What NOT to do on Halloween Night

I love Halloween! While I'm not a huge fan of the more gruesome focus that seems to be on trend right now, classic more cheerful Halloween decor and festivities are always in style. My fondness for this season surely stems from having delightful memories of my childhood Halloweens.  Determined to fill an entire pillow case, we travelled the neighborhood in packs of kids far and wide to reach that famed "full pillowcase" status each and every year.  Always a fun night >> Read More

8 Ways to Celebrate Milestones with Disney

2016 is a big year for milestones in the Gold family.  We have a high school graduation, a 21st birthday, and a 50th birthday.  Because all of these events happen within a three month span, my organized plans are well underway to make sure we give each milestone it's proper due. I'm grateful to have walked through high school graduation a few years ago with our oldest.  I have a much better idea about what this spring is all about and >> Read More