Busy Moms and Spring Sports

First shared in March of 2011, this post defines Spring for me as its our busiest time of the year for kids activities and all kinds of sports and fun.

If your flowers aren’t blooming and the weather has you sure Spring has not arrived, just remember that nothing says Spring like Major League Baseball Opening Day! I love this day because of all it promises me. It means that longer days full of sunshine and warm afternoons are just around the corner, that our evenings will be blessed with the fellowship of other parents watching from the stands, and that our kids will be energized and full of the strength and self confidence baseball has taught them through the years.

I love this sport because of its power and grace, the spirit from which it was born, and that its actually a sport based on failure. The odds are against you that you’ll succeed 100% of the time and you have to depend heavily on every member of your team to win. Tell me what better proving ground for determination, dedication, and team work can you find for kids as they grow.

I’ve been sitting on bleachers as a baseball mom for more than 10 years with no end in site so here are three tips to help you hit a home run this spring as you manage your kids activities.

1. Dress the Part: Spring is a cross-over season, finding temperatures at 70 and sunny one day, 35 and sleet the next. Tame your excitement and dress the part, choosing layers and keeping gloves, hats, blankets, umbrellas, and mud boots near by. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting out in the cold watching any sport.

2. Bring the Food: With so many food storage accessories on the market, there’s really no excuse not to bring food from home. Invest in both cold and hot storage products and you are all set. Make dinner early in the day, double up recipes and store them in individual containers you can grab and go, and lead by example avoiding the drive thru or concessions stand with a healthy meal from home.

3. Keep your People Happy: Just because I love watching my kids play baseball doesn’t mean they love to watch each other. While we love to be together, if my other kids are frustrated missing out on their personal down time, no one will either enjoy or watch the game so get a plan in place. Consider periodic play dates, babysitters, or an afternoon at Grandmas to mix up the schedule. For siblings who do attend, create a game bag of activities for them to share or enjoy alone, including age appropriate toys like jump rope, chalk, bubbles, flash cards, crayons, and more. Avoid electronics at all costs and focus on fitness and fun.

These are just a few of the many tips that can make your life as a sports mom just a little bit better. What kind of tips do you have for staying ahead of your kids activities and keeping your family on track this Spring?

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