Best Water Park Packing Tips

Best Water Park Packing Tips

July is a perfect time to hit the water park and today I am sharing some of my best packing tips for this unique family travel activity. I shot this video while attending a media FAM Trip at SeaWorld in June 2011.  Discovery Cove’s Grand Reef was the perfect backdrop to collect great ideas to help you be prepared on your next water destination vacation. A destination like Discovery Cove and the Grand Reef is entirely inclusive so you truly don’t have to worry about a thing. But there are a few things that I want you to remember to pack for any destination that has an underwater attraction or that is water park based:

Use a Waterproof Camera

A water proof camera will make it easy to grab a few pictures while you focus on having family fun.  From underwater pictures to those from the very top of the water slide, the photo quality is better than you’d expect.  While it’s most important to spend time with your family, remembering to capture those photos can make for a lifetime of memories your entire family will enjoy.

Wear Water Socks

It doesn’t matter if you are walking on a reef or running from slide to slide, water socks are lifesaver and worth investing in even just for the day. They’ll protect feet big and small from stubbed toes and let’s face it, unnecessary fungus that you might unknowingly pick up playing in the water and using the facilities all day.

Wear a Waterproof Watch

I know we all hate to watch the time on vacation but having a watch makes it that much easier to navigate keeping track of your family. When you visit a water park. its likely you’ll split up to let everyone do just what they want. Having watch helps keep everyone on time for designated meeting points and important things like lunch.

Carry a Waterproof Bag

While you’ll likely find a locker a great option for storing things you won’t need until the end of the day, you’ll want to have a spot for your family’s gear and a waterproof bag among the lounge chairs is always a good option.  Easy to carry anywhere you go because you don’t have to worry about it getting wet, look for one with a zip top and lots of interior pockets to story things like sunglasses, cell phones, and anything else you want to keep close but dry.

Pack Personal Care Items

Discovery Cove is a cut above the rest, providing restroom and shower facilities that are spa like in their amenities.  From towels to shampoo and lotion, the list is long of things available at no additional cost to make your stay as comfortable as possible. However most water parks won’t offer the same so make sure to pack a complete travel size set of personal care items to make that end of the day shower and change of clothes as comfortable as possible.

Pack Shower Towels and Clean Clothes

By the end of the day you’ll be ready to take a warm shower and change into some dry clothes. Make sure you pack a set of towels and clean clothes for the ride home specifically for this purpose.

While most water parks aren’t as inclusive as Discovery Cove, with a little advance planning you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the water no matter where you spend your day.  Tell me…

What are your best water park packing tips?

Chances are if you haven’t taken a vacation yet, July is your month to fit in some fun and make it happen.  No matter if its a day at your local water park or a week at the beach, our Family Travel Pinterest Board is full of all kinds of travel organization tips so check it out as you get ready to go.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure: Special thanks to SeaWorld for inviting me to attend the Discover Cove FAM Trip. I was not asked to post at anytime. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  • The UPS Store July 23, 2012, 1:01 pm

    Thanks for the great tips, a water proof camera would leave us with great memories and water socks would make the time much more enjoyable. Great idea!

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