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Best Gifts for High School Teachers

Best Gifts for High School Teachers |

The best gifts for high school teachers are harder to come by than you think. Not because the teachers aren’t grateful or hard to buy for but because your kids might not be willing to participate. Harsh as that sounds, by the time your kids get to high school, the last thing they want to do is be caught giving their teacher a gift. No matter if its Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, or the end of the year, giving your teacher a gift isn’t as cool as it used to be. But as a parent who appreciates teachers for all they do, I can’t imagine not giving our high school teachers gifts just as we’ve done for our teachers many years before. The key is finding a common ground. Check out my best gift ideas for high school teachers:

Gift Cards for Class Supplies

Don’t let yourself be fooled that these aren’t appreciated to the fullest by all who receive them. When it comes to high school supply donations, teachers are often left to their own resources to provide anything extra their classroom might need. The reality is that parents don’t donate nearly as generously or as often as they may have during their child’s pervious school years. This may have to do with less direct communication between parents and teachers due to kids taking a leadership role in managing their education. When you aren’t in the classroom or volunteering for school as often, its easy not to know what your teachers might need. That’s where gift cards to stores like Office Max, Target, and even ITunes gift cards can go a long way to helping teachers get the job done.

Candy Gifts for High School Teachers

You’d be amazed to learn how many high school teachers use candy and mints as mini rewards over the course of their day. While it might seem simple, candy is a valuable assets to any high school teacher’s desk so hit the candy aisle and make a fun bag full of sealed candy. Given it’s name, I am partial to anything in the Lifesaver’s brand. A classic well loved candy by all, you can get both hard candy and mints to your heart’s content.

Gift Cards for Fun

Show me a teacher who wouldn’t welcome a lunch out, a trip to the movies, or a visit to Barnes & Noble to buy a real book and savor every word. Ask your child what kind of things their teacher might like and if they don’t know, a quick call to the office can provide all kinds of intel to help you know where to go.

Spirit Wear

This is one of the most fun gifts for high school teachers because high school is all about pride.  And thanks to our teachers, that pride can be instilled for a million reasons that have nothing to do with sports or performing arts. The greatest measure of a student’s pride is how they feel about their entire experience and since they spend most of their time in the classroom, its up to our teachers to make sure kids get engaged and have a sense of pride about their school. Check with your PTA and Booster Club for a great selection of items that often include T-shirts, lanyards, car magnets, cups, and more. If you can’t find what you need there, you can always personalize Tervis cups or other generic items that your teacher might need. And when it comes to the holidays, I’ve found an ornament in high school colors with school letters and the year is the most appreciated gift of all.

Personal Thank You Notes

In the social economy that is high school, receiving a hand written thank you note is winning the lottery. There is a generation of children who don’t know how to address an envelope, aren’t learning cursive, and think spell check is more valuable than actually knowing how to spell the word itself. So the weekend before Teacher Appreciation Week, set your teen up with some personalized stationary and let them have at it.

Delivery of Gifts for High School Teachers

Depending on your teen, climbing Mount Everest to get them to deliver any kind of gift. This is where things like gift cards and personal notes come in very handy. They are small and can be discreetly left on the teacher’s desk in passing on the way out the door. If personal delivery just isn’t going to happen, visit the office and ask for their assistance getting any gift items placed in the teacher mailbox or delivered to the classroom.

Making sure your teen knows how important their teachers are can be herculean.  But making sure they know how important it is to thank their teachers for all their hard work is a parenting battle worth fighting.  If you have teens, you know exactly what I mean.  Tell me…

How do you handle gifting high school teachers?  

Do you give the gift or make sure it comes from your teen?  

What do you give?

No matter how young or old your kids might be, staying on top of what’s happening at school is key.  Our GO MOM!® DIY Planner and Back to School Bundle are the dynamic duo that help me get it all done.  If you love Pinterest then stop by our Teacher Gifts and School Board  for all kinds of clever pins both for and from teachers around the web.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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