Top 8 Disney Resort Perks {Disney Tips}

Disney Resort Perks

Magical Express Resort Kiosk
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Today I’ve got 8 Disney Resort Perks that you can benefit from when you choose to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort. You know how I love time savers and short cuts and when it comes to family vacations, a busy Mom can use all the help she can get! I was delighted to discover the The Yacht Club as the host hotel for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Having not previously stayed there, our time there was truly special and to make our trip run even more smoothly than usual, I did a little research to discover what the best Disney resort perks are for both me and you:


1. Advance Online Hotel Check-in

When you stay on property at a Walt Disney World Resort, up to 10 days in advance of your arrival you can use online check-in for your hotel room. When you arrive on property, no matter if your room is ready or not, you’ll go through a special “Advance Online Check-in” line at the registration desk. The cast members will already have your hotel folio, room keys, and any necessary information all set and ready to go, minimizing your wait time after traveling to Orlando.

2. Magical Express Transportation

If you fly to Orlando, you’ll have the benefit of being able to register for this complimentary transportation service. Its wonderful! They track your resort, give you special tags to place on your bags so they get pulled directly from the plane to the bus, you check in at the counter at the hotel and you are on your way to the bus directly to your hotel. You also have the same seamless service returning at the end of the trip. This totally removes that logistically concern and makes it easy to get back and forth with a reliable service that is always on time.

3. Room Key Currency

When you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, your hotel room key becomes currency. So when you travel into the parks, you can use your room key like a credit card. So you can make purchases, eat meals, and incur charges using your room key just as you would if you were back on property dining or shopping at the hotel. Its a great way to consolidate all your charges in a format that you can easily monitor every single day.

4. Package Delivery

I love this one! When you are in the parks, you can have your souvenir bags send back to your rooms! I love knowing that if for some reason we accumulate something too bulky to manage, we can arrange for its delivery back to our room where it will be waiting for us when we return. You can also arrange for your packages to be sent to key pick-up points in the park and when you are leaving for the day, you can simply stop by and grab them as you go.

5. Photo Pass

A great perk that is available to anyone no matter where they stay, Photo Pass is my favorite photo solution worth every penny! Sign up ahead of time online, and then as you are visiting the park with your family, or key for Disney Social Media Moms attendees, without your family, make sure to simply stop at every Photo Pass opportunity, you’ll naturally end up with a wonderfully selection of professional quality photographs to pick from as you make your treasured photo keepsake from your Disney trip in 2012.

6. Stock the Fridge

There are grocery services in the area that will delivery groceries directly to your hotel. Each Resort Hotel like The Yacht Club rooms have a small fridge that will be perfect for breakfast, snacks, and extra bottled water.

7. Extra Magic Hours

On certain days throughout the year, each Walt Disney World Park offers Extra Magic Hours where they either open early or close extra late. Available only to guests staying on property, its a very special way to enrich your park experience.

8. Rider Swap

This has to define Disney Customer Service. When traveling with very young children who might not want to go on rides, you can ask a cast member to have the Rider Swap accommodation. They take you to a special area, load one parent to ride and then when their ride is complete, swap out and the other parent gets to ride, all while allowing the youngster and non-riding parent to wait in the special area. Brilliant and SO visitor friendly!

So these are the top 8 Disney resort tips that I’ve discovered this year about why making the choice to stay on property at a Walt Disney World Resort can really save you so much time and make your trip that much more uneventful and well organized. For more magic check out my social media mom friends known for awesome Disney post Amy, Beth, and Amy, and my favorite Disney Mom’s Panel Members past and present Whitney, Jodi, and Ashely and finally two really fun fashion post series this year from Emily and Andrea.  And I’d love to know…

When you travel, what kinds of things do you take care of ahead of time online so that your actual travel process and stay at a resort is seamless?

Disclosure:  special thanks to Disney Social Media for inviting me to register for the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I was not compensated or asked to post.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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  • DDigerati April 23, 2012, 9:15 pm

    Great tips! I stayed at The Boardwalk resort a few years ago and used all these perks! But I didn’t know about the rider swap. Very convenient!

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