Bedroom Organizing with Children in Mind

Its the first day of Spring if you haven’t already, its time to get out that Spring Cleaning Checklist and get started!  One thing that ranks high on my list is bedroom organizing and it always begins with our children first.  I’m excited to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing my tips for where to begin when it comes to this part of your organized home.  An excerpt from the post….

Organize with your child in mind: Make sure to set up the room in a way that your child can easily access the things that you want her to be able to get to. Your goal is going to encourage independence as they grow. Therefore, don’t set it up in a way that constantly requires your help.

I’d love to see you there so stop by to catch the video and while you are there, tell me what are you tips for bedroom organizing with your child in mind?

Disclosure: Thanks to Primrose Schools for engaging me to provide a monthly series on the Dr. Z and Friends Blog. I’ll be talking all things home organization and family time management with an eye towards families with working parents and children in childcare from birth to age 6. With so many busy Moms returning to work this is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our message of living life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved


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