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5 Ways Beat the Heat with Old Fashioned Fun

5 Ways to Beat the Heat with Old Fashioned Fun

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As we turn the corner on late July and welcome the hottest days our summer will likely offer, its time to beat the heat with some old fashioned fun.  By now, you’ve likely used up a number of your best ideas for summer fun and you might be finding yourself stressed at the prospect of facing hotter than comfortable days with seemingly nothing “fun” today.  But before you bang you head against the wall wondering what more you can offer your kids to avoid a chorus of “I’m bored!”, I’ve got five ways to help you beat the summer heat by focusing on child directed summer fun.

Check the List

If they don’t have a summer activities wish list, now is a perfect time for them to let you know if they had to pick five special things to do this summer, what would they be? Then choose one of those activities and go for it. You may be surprised at the simplicity in their desire.
A few more fun ideas to get you thinking, consider swapping games with the neighbors to bring in fresh options for family game night any day, engage your kids in a home organization project that everyone will benefit from, such as sorting family photos (remember it’s all about them…as far as they are concerned!), and embrace the night by scheduling an outdoor fun night with neighbors catching fire flies, playing tag, and even playing a movie on the closed door of your garage. The point is there are options if you want them.

Test Kitchen

Yes it might be too hot to get outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a big time baking up a storm or working on some new recipes to test out before your kids get back to school.  But I’m not talking about YOU doing the cooking.  Open up your kitchen for the kids to take over, choosing some fun recipes they will likely enjoy.  Think granola bars for school day breakfasts or snacks, cookies they’ll enjoy now and in their lunch boxes later, and any kind of fruit or vegetable dish that will pack well for those busy afternoons on the go.  Wrap things up with a dinner recipe or two that can by made quickly and anyone can help put together. Engaging your kids in the cooking process is a wonderful learning opportunity for math and science but an even more wonderful way to help them learn necessary life skills while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Get Social

Open your heart and your doors to let your children’s creativity take over, inviting friends in for the day and letting them enjoy every bit of your home. Decide to be the house where fun begins and say yes to things like building forts with furniture, having a performance in the play room, or enjoying a picnic on the floor of the living room. You have so much to gain by opening the door to free play and nothing to lose but a bit of time directing them all to clean up. In my book, that’s a wonderful exchange.

Hit the Road

We often overlook free and wonderful resources just outside of our immediate radar. Do some advance research and then gather up your gang to visit the town next door for a fresh set of local museums and fun activities that can easily make a day trip worth taking. Don’t overlook the value of a “spontaneous” road trip as well. Work with your girlfriends, round up some coupons, and surprise the entire gang with a day trip to the beach, a water park, or even the mountains. A change of scenery is always welcome and in this case, just what the mother ordered.

Family Read-A-Thon

When is the last time you hit the library with your family and spent as much time as you wanted meandering the stacks, reading what you’ve found, and enjoying all the free resources it has to offer? Gather your gang and visit your local library with the goal of not only finding a few good books to cherish but see what’s happening and how you can take advantage of the many programs that are hosted all summer long.  Take it one step further and create a family reading challenge for the week where you spend time together reading and sharing what you’ve learned.  This is a great low key activity that makes it easy to justify pajama days and hanging out doing exactly what you want. And that, my friends is what summer is all about.

Summer means freedom and freedom includes fun so think outside the box and let your kids inspire you with their own ideas about how to beat the heat with old fashioned fun.  Tell me…

What is your favorite late summer family activity?
If you are a crafting crew, check out our Crafts Pinterest Board for some clever ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.  If its all about getting out of dodge, our Family Travel Board might strike your fancy and when it comes to cooking, our Recipes Board is always growing with tempting ideas to keep you inspired.  I hope these ideas help you beat the heat with some old fashioned fun and you remember to simply enjoy each day as it comes.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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  • Nicole Feliciano July 23, 2014, 7:45 pm

    I have to get in a trip to the library this week. We need an infusion of fresh books.

  • Kristin July 24, 2014, 1:25 am

    Familu read-a-thon…I LOVE this idea!

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