Back to School with Boise Paper and Box Tops

If you have school aged children, you’ve heard about Box Tops for Education™ from the day they started kindergarten. And if you are like me, you’ve been collecting them all summer long to get ready for the fall Box Tops collection.  Add in the Box Tops from all that back to school shopping and this is likely the biggest contribution you will make all year.

Thanks to Boise Polaris for the opportunity to participate in this sponsored content campaign. Because we love paper,  we hope you’ll agree this post is a perfect fit for you! All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Throughout our children’s education, I’ve always worked to find ways to volunteer that both make a difference in our kids immediate classrooms and the school community overall. This meant serving as room parent (always better done by a group!) and co-chair for the Book Fair. In our daughter’s last 2 years of elementary school, I added Box Tops Chair and LOVED it!

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From a volunteer standpoint, Box Tops was the perfect fit for my work schedule, enabling me to facilitate a school based event 4 times a year. A meeting planner at heart, it was second nature to create a timeline, promote the activity, educate the participants, execute the collection, tally and turn in the Box Tops and BAM, money earned and event done!

From a fundraising standpoint, it may be my favorite of all because it excludes no one and requires nothing but an eagle eye.  So often families are overwhelmed with back to school expenses only to be hit with fundraising requests within the first few weeks of school. But Box Tops doesn’t ask you to spend anymore money than you already are and that is the best news of all.  It leverages your likely purchases to do more than just provide the necessary groceries and supplies for home and school.

Because a key part of running a successful Box Tops campaign is educating the school community about where they can find Box Tops, I was amazed to learn how many different product categories are included.  Check out this list!

Baking & bakeware items, cereal, food storage items, frozen foods, household cleaning (who knew?) produce (really, who knew?) refrigerated and dairy products, household paper products, snacks & voices, tableware (had no idea), and waste bags.

That’s a HUGE list of product categories that every family will purchase from which means EVERY family has the chance to earn 10 cents with every label they collect without actually having to spend any additional money. Easiest. Fundraiser. EVER! And just in case you haven’t noticed, a huge part of Box Tops involves paper.

Back to School with Boise Paper and Box Tops | gomominc.com

In order for your school community to hand in all those Box Tops, you need to provide a sheet of paper for the Box Tops to be attached to so that the Box Tops chair (and committee) can count them. We are talking THOUSANDS of tiny card board or plastic Box Tops that have to be counted and reported accurately for Box Tops to credit your school money. Clipping ~ and lots of coffee ~ count!

Because I’ve always been smitten with all things school supplies and paper (can you say GO MOM!® Printables?) my favorite Box Tops category is office supplies and paper.  I love new office supplies and a fresh ream of paper like I love the smell of a book from the library with the crinkle of it’s plastic cover.  Both represent endless possibility and the sky is the limit.  And thanks to exclusive partnerships like those with Box Tops and Boise Paper, individual schools can earn up to $20,000 annually from the clipping program alone.

Because we never met a paper planner we didn’t love, paper quality is EVERYTHING to me. Seriously. I can’t stand thin paper that bleeds color or easily tears. And because our products are all things colorful and fabulous, I can’t stand paper that is dull and not vibrant. Lucky for me, Boise Paper offers consistent, high-quality papers that can meet all your needs.  Think you don’t need to have paper on hand?  Think again…

Donate Boise Polaris with Box Tops for Classroom Wish Lists

Did you know that paper is a hot commodity at schools? There is a finite supply determined at the beginning of the school year and once is gone that’s it, no reorders.  I’m totally serious! This leaves teachers to use it sparingly in the classroom and can impact instruction by leaving less space for students to work through problems without supplying their own paper to show answers. Boise Polaris Premium Multipurpose Paper is the perfect choice for classroom donations.

Back to School with Boise Paper and Box Tops | gomominc.com


Stock Boise Polaris with Box Tops for Your Child’s Printer

Thanks to lower prices, we’ve always had ink jet printers for our kids and purchasing the right kind of paper to make sure that everything they print looks great in spite of the lower print quality is key. Boise Polaris Premium InkJet does exactly that, making it possible for kids to create fabulous school projects all on their own.

Back to School with Boise Paper and Box Tops | gomominc.com


Choose Boise Polaris with Box Tops for GO MOM!® Printables

If you know me you know I’m picky about my paper.  We’ve been making planners for Moms for more than 16 years and if we’ve learned one thing, paper quality counts! With our extensive DIY Printable library, including our always popular Back to School Bundle and now our College Mom Bundle, having the perfect paper to compliment these tools is key. Boise Polaris Premium Laser Jet has just the right weight and feel for our tools, making them a dream to work with all year long!

Back to School with Boise Paper and Box Tops | gomominc.com

The best part about all of this is that back to school shopping season is a great time to double dip on both Box Tops and product savings. The end of August and beginning of September are a great time to find great deals at retailers who carry Boise Polaris Papers with Box Tops coupons waiting for you to clip.  You can stock up for both home and school alike, maxing your savings and Box Tops donations all in one.

Just because your child’s school is leveraging technology doesn’t mean they don’t need paper. And I can promise you in the Gold house, we use paper ALL the time to organize our world and complete our projects. Tell me…

Do you participate in your child’s Box Tops for Education Drive?

Back to school season is my sweet spot for all things family organized. Setting myself and my family up with fresh office supplies and paper goes a long way for pointing us all in the right direction. I hope this post helps you rethink the ways you can contribute to Box Tops this year while choosing quality paper products you’ll love to have on hand.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!

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    Hey Molly, I used this facebook messenger app to stay on top of my tasks this school season and its been a breeze. Thought I’d share here…

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